P7 End Of Term info!

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Dear P7 Learners, Parents and Carers

As we head into the last few weeks of another school year please see below the arrangements for P7.  I am sure you will understand that these may have to change as we respond to City of Edinburgh and Scottish Government guidance.  I apologise for being quite late in sharing our plans but I have tried to wait for as long as possible in the hope that what is planned can actually happen!

Unfortunately, at the current time NO parents / carers are allowed to attend any of the events.

The total cost for the EPIC day (activities, transport and evening meal),  the P7 Leavers’ Do (pizza, drink and ice cream) and yearbook will be £60 per pupil.  This can be paid through parentpay.  As always at Trinity please pay what you are able. 

No child will miss out for financial reasons. 

Wk beg 
17th MayI’m a P7 Get Me out of Here – Bush Tucker trial
Show rehearsals continue
Tues : Rugby 
Wed May 19th at 6.00pm : Parent / Carer Information session from Trinity AcademyThis will take place on TEAMS- link has been shared
24th MayMon : Holiday
Tues : Rugby
Enhanced transition to TA for certain pupils
Wed : Athletics festival (alternative date Wed 2nd June)
I’m a P7 Get Me out of Here – The Dance Off!
Show rehearsals continue
31st MayMon : P7M opportunity to go out to buy lunch – see separate email
Tues : P7E opportunity to go out to buy lunch – see separate email
Wed : Athletics festival (if postponed from 26th)
Thurs : P7B opportunity to go out to buy lunch – see separate email
P7 class photos – outdoors, weather permitting
Fri : EPIC day at Bonaly – see detailed information below
7th JuneWed : Enhanced transition to TA for certain pupils 
Thurs : What A Wonderful World Sports day
14th JuneTues 15th – Thurs 17th : 3 day virtual transition
Whilst this will take place predominantly on TEAMS, P7s will get their TA tie, timetables and take part in virtual activities with our cluster (those not going to TA will receive info on TEAMS from their respective schools)
Thurs : Trinity’s Got Talent final
Fri : SAVE THE DATE!   The premiere of the P7 show will take place online at 7.00pm.   Make a night of it at home and sit and enjoy the talents of our P7 learners.   An order form for refreshment goody bags will be issued shortly.  These will be distributed in time for the event.  Further info will follow
21st JuneMon : P7 picnic to Wardie Bay.  In true ‘trip to the beach’ fashion, it is hoped that chips will be available to be purchased!
Wed : 6.30pm – 8.00pm P7 Leavers’ Do in the Secret Garden.  Casual dress (shorts, T shirts, jeans etc) encouraged as the evening may be wet (with or without rain!).  Pizza, juice and ice cream lollies will be served! Thurs : Yearbook presentation
Fri : Term ends at 11.30am for P7.  Pupils will be clapped out by others in school.  They will leave by the back gate into the park   

P7 / S1 transition : all information relating to transition to S1 is available on TEAMS.  Learners access TEAMS as they have done when learning from home.  The information for TA includes school booklet, map of the school, short films etc.   Please be assured that TPS staff and secondary colleagues have been in touch and information shared.  The main online transition events will take place in the week of June 14th

EPIC Day : Friday June 4th

We are delighted that our P7s will have the opportunity for an EPIC day in the Pentlands.  This is being organised by the CEC Outdoor Learning team and promises to be a fun filled day of adventure!  Possibly not quite a Benmore experience but a close second.  Please see the powerpoint on the website for additional information.

Pupils need to report to school as normal.   They will travel by coaches to Bonaly – we are due there for 10.00am.

Morning : two activity sessions

Lunch : please provide a substantial packed lunch plus snacks for the day as well as a water bottle 

Afternoon : two activity sessions

5.00pm : Dinner – provided as part of the cost for the day

6.00pm : Evening activity

7.00pm : Campfire experience

9.00pm : Leave Bonaly.  Expected arrival back at school at 9.30pm

A simple kit list, for an Epic Day!  From the Outdoor Learning team

The day will be long and bring many Epic Adventures, so it is important that we are best prepared before we step into the Adventure Arena. 

The good news is that the equipment you need is simple. If you are struggling to find any of the items on the list, please do not worry!  The event is being run by The City of Edinburgh Council’s Sport & Outdoor Learning Unit and they can help to provide the bits and pieces that you do not have.  There’s no need to buy anything new to come on your Epic Day; new boots can cause blisters and new jackets have a high likelihood of never looking ‘new’ again. We want the day to be memorable for the right reasons! 

What you’ll need:

rucksack, big enough to carry the rest of your stuff.  A school bag will be fine if it’s comfy to carry when you’re walking.  Top tip: put your stuff inside a plastic bag inside your bag as a waterproof liner. 

Wear the most solid pair of shoes you own – comfortable and warm. If you have boots, that’s a bonus but trainers will be absolutely fine.

If you have one, bring a waterproof jacket, with a hood.  If you have waterproof trousers, and space in your bag to carry them, bring these too – your own ones will probably be comfier than the kit we can lend out. 

Wear tough old trousers – warm and comfortable. Tracksuit trousers are ideal.  Jeans are not ideal as they can get heavy, cold and uncomfortable if they get wet. 

Wear a t-shirt and a hoodie or sweater or fleece jacket

Bring an extra layer.  Best would be another sweatshirt or fleece jacket, in the rucksack.

Bring a hat. Hats are important shelter from the sun and provide warmth for the evening time.  

Bring a pair of warm gloves in your rucksack (unless it’s snowing on the day, in which case wear them!)

Come with plenty of food in your tummy, and in your rucksack – lunch plus snacks. A long energetic day requires energy to burn! 

Bring a water bottle. This can be refilled on-site.  This can just be an empty drinks bottle.

Medication – the school will be able to speak with you about this in more detail. 

If you have Sun cream bring it for the day – fingers crossed that we need it!

If you have midge repellent bring it for the evening – fingers crossed we don’t need it! 

I really hope that, together, these activities will make the end of the school year memorable for all our P7 Trinity Learners.   We have been so proud of how accepting and resilient they are.   Trinity Academy, or whatever secondary school they are heading to, will be lucky to get every single one of them.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information about any of the above.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott