Trinity News : June 16th including school hours survey

Dear Parents and Carers
I hope your week is going well.  Unfortunately, despite a strong level of support for the Scotland team things did not go as well as they had hoped.  Fingers crossed for the next game or for all the other teams supported by Trinity learners.  It was lovely to see a range of colours being worn on Monday. 
Picnic in the playground :Mon 21st : P1, P5 and P6 (P7 to Wardie Bay)Tues 22nd : P2, P3 and P4Dress : ‘Summer in Scotland’ picnic wearFood : bring a picnic or enjoy school lunch outside (please remember to cancel if you have ordered on ParentpayIce Cream : thank you to those who have already ordered and, in some cases, paid a bit more – if you wish your child to enjoy an ice cream please order on parentpay
Meet the Staff TeamNew classes and staff will be shared with the children by the end of Monday 21st.  Apologies for the delay with this but we are still awaiting confirmation of staffing.  Each child will be issued with a sheet showing the Staff Team for their stage.  Their main teacher will be indicated on the sheet as well as other staff who support learning.  We have worked hard to ensure that friendships and learning are key criteria in the making up of the classes.   It is hoped the children will have the opportunity to meet their new class and teacher, outside, on Wednesday 23rd.  
School hoursThe start of the school session will see our school hours remaining as they have for this year.   These hours will remain in place whilst COVID restrictions require it.P5 – P7 : 8.30am – 2.55pm (12.05pm on Friday)P3 and P4 : 8.45am – 3.10pm (12.20pm on Friday)P1 and P2 : 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
As we hopefully move out of COVID restrictions we are considering making a slight alteration to these hours and are interested to hear your views.  Pupils in P3 – P7 have a 25 hour teacher contact week whilst pupils in P1 and P2 have a 22.5hr teacher contact week.  This means there is a ‘gap’ each day and families may find this difficult. As I am sure you will appreciate it is impossible to suit everyone as work and other commitments vary.   It is important however that we consider the views of parents / carers and staff before making any final decisions.  The survey will remain open until Mon June 21st.
Proposal A :The ‘gap’ is at the beginning of each day.  Breakfast club is available from 8.00am for those who require childcare.      P3 – P7 : 8.30am – 2.55pm (12.05pm on Friday.)P1 and P2 will remain as 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
Proposal B :The ‘gap’ is split between the beginning and end of each day.   It would not be possible to provide breakfast or after school club for these periods of time.
P1 and P2 will remain as 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
Please note for session 2021 / 20222 there is no option for all the children to have the same school hours.

Please take a minute to complete the survey – the link is below
Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes, Jacqueline Scott