P5 and P6 News : June 25th

Dear P5 and P6 Parents and Carers

I am delighted to let you know that Mr Stewart Johnson will be joining the P6 and P7 Trinity team in August and will be with us until Ms Berthinussen returns from maternity leave and Ms Armstrong returns to her post of Principal Teacher.  Mr Johnstone is known to us as he has spent several weeks at Trinity this session supporting learning.   He is looking forward to meeting his named class who will be known as P6J.  

I have been made aware that there is some unrest amongst parents and carers about our decision to rearrange classes, particularly given the year we have all experienced as a result of COVID, as well as some unrest about the thought process that has gone into this. 

Unfortunately with the slight decrease in numbers at P5 and P6, the decision to rearrange the classes was not made by us but was a result of having to move from 6 classes to 5.  As explained at the meeting earlier this term our hope is that P6 and P7 will be able to learn together across stages.   Whilst we are still unsure when COVID restrictions will ease we are remaining optimistic.

With regards to the thought process that went into making up the classes please be reassured that children were asked to identify friendships and that considerable time was taken by staff to use that information along with their knowledge of pupil learning styles, relationships and current learning levels.   All children are in a class with friends they identified and, I hope, the year ahead will provide all of them with the opportunity to widen friendships further whilst making progress in their learning. 

There is no doubt that this has been quite a year but we remain committed to getting it right for every child.     I sincerely hope that as we start the summer holidays your children are looking forward to the weeks ahead but that they are also looking forward to returning in August ready to learn and to enjoy P6 and P7 and all that it brings.   Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns.

Thank you for all your support and I wish you a very happy summer.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in Trinity on Wed Aug 18th.

With very best wishes

Jacqueline Scott