Trinity News: September 14th

Dear Parents and Carers

As I started to write this yesterday it was so lovely to see the sun shining outside.  Sun shine definitely lifts the spirits so we’re hoping for bright skies again today.

MADD : Fri Sept 17th

This Friday we are looking forward to sharing our learning from MADD about Myths and Legends.  It is a non uniform day and children are welcome to come to school either dressed up for their theme or in bright colours.  Part of the morning will involve us coming together on TEAMS for a story and a snack.  

School lunches etc

Unfortunately we are seeing an incredible amount of food being wasted at lunchtime.   Two of our responsible P7 learners shared with me how dismayed they were at all the food being put into bins.  Please only order a lunch if you are sure your child will eat it.  Whilst staff actively encourage we are not able to ‘force’ a child to eat if they don’t want to / don’t like what is being served.   Please take a moment to check with your child that they are eating their school lunch.   Children are expected to take home any leftover food from home packed lunches.

We also ask for your support in providing healthy and limited snacks!  Fruit, low fat crisps, vegetables, one biscuit etc are great.   Fruity Friday, where we hope everyone will eat fruit or vegetables for snack, will be reintroduced from Fri Sept 24th.  Watch out for more details from our P5 Rainbow School group.  

Water – we actively encourage the children to drink water (they must bring in their own named water bottle) but also teach them to drink at appropriate times – first thing in the morning,  during and immediately after break and lunch times etc.  As I am sure you will understand water being drunk needs to ‘come out’ and constant visits to the toilet can be very disruptive to learning in the classroom.   Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss this.

Staffing update :

As you know Kirsty Martin will leaving Trinity to take up the post of Acting HT at Blackhall.  An advert for an acting DHT will go live soon.    Kirsty has been a major part of our school for many years and will be sorely missed by all of the Trinity community.

Adverts on MyJobScotland close today for the post of PSA.  A further advert for a temporary clerical assistant at Trinity will remain live until 22nd Sept.   Katie Berry, our front office clerical assistant, will be taking a career break from Oct until the end of March.   We all look forward to her return!

We are experiencing higher rates of staff absence than is our norm and whilst we are trying to ensure continuity please do bear with us if your child is supported / taught by different staff.

Meet the Teacher

In pre COVID times we enjoyed having the opportunity to meet face to face with parents and carers at this time of the year.  Unfortunately with restrictions remaining in place our Meet the Teacher ‘event’ will be virtual.  From Thursday Sept 16th videos featuring school staff will be available on the school website.  Please do take a minute to watch them with your child and do give us any helpful feedback. 

Reporting progress to parents and carers

We have made the decision that, for the time being, we will continue with the approach we used last year.  This will mean that between now and Christmas you will receive a written profile (either through One Note or as a paper copy) and an opportunity to have a telephone conversation with your child’s teacher.  Please look out for further information.  We are ever hopeful that we will be able to meet in person at some point later this school year.   

REMINDER : School is closed on Monday Sept 20th for the September holiday weekend

COVID update

You will be aware that the last few days have seen a steady rise in the number of positive COVID cases being reported to school.   Reports from parents and carers indicate that whilst children are testing positive they do not appear to be too unwell and, in some cases, appear absolutely fine.  I know that some of you are anxious : about doing the right thing, about the risks of COVID etc.  It is really difficult, as it has been through this whole ‘journey’, to get this absolutely right for everyone. 

The clear message that is being given by CEC (from HPS) is that

Schools and similar educational settings are now seen as low risk environments given:  

  • Lower rates of transmission in under 18s compared to adults 
  • Under 18s at extremely low risk from adverse health effects of COVID-19 disease 
  • High rates of vaccination conferring protection to the adult population (particularly elderly and high risk groups) and therefore the risk of transmission from schools and children posing a significantly reduced concern.  

Children who meet the definition of a contact are considered low risk e.g. those who had contact in classrooms, dining rooms, common entry and exit points, general playground contacts, friendship groups and sharing transport to school. These contacts will not be directly contact traced by Test and Protect. When cases arise in a year group, parents and carers will be alerted via text to read the ‘warn and inform’ letter so that they can be vigilant and look out for symptoms and signs of COVID-19 in their children.

If your child has symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive, they must self-isolate in line with advice given on NHS Inform.

Help us to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  Whilst the last 18 months have seen a significant change in how our school operates, I am confident that the ethos of Trinity remains the same.   Walking round our school I am both delighted and proud to see our learners embracing our values – respect, creativity, perseverance and kindness remain at the heart of what we do.

Kind regards

Jacqueline Scott