Christmas Card Designs

Dear P7 and P6 Pupils, Parents and Carers

I have been made aware of some discontent amongst some of our learners and their families regarding the Christmas Card design.  I have to take full responsibility for this as I asked staff to plan the content in the hope of ensuring a high quality end product from everyone.  Possibly a bit too controlling and not in line with our value of creativity!  The past has seen designs falling outwith the border, incorrect spelling, some of our learners unable to think what to draw and the card being unfinished etc.  With this being one of our main fundraising opportunities quality control was a top priority.  As I am sure you will appreciate for some learners a very clear structure allows them success whereas others welcome the chance to show their own artistic ability.  To this end all of our P7s and P6s are very welcome to take home a design template to complete over the weekend.  All that is asked is that it is returned to school by Tues Oct 12th.

Having seen some of the finished designs I think they look fabulous.   Hopefully, whatever design your child chooses to submit will make them and you feel proud!

Kind regards

Jacqueline Scott