Trinity News: Friday 15th October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

As we come to the end of our first term I would like to share how proud I am of our Trinity Learners and school community.  It is a true privilege to be the HeadTeacher of such a great team.  Whilst there is no doubt that the last few weeks and months have seen us face many challenges, this week has seen us manage a particularly high number of staff absences,   we are continuing to face whatever comes our way with perseverance, respect and kindness.  

COVID update

For the moment restrictions as to how we operate in school continue although I am hopeful that these will ease throughout next term.  With 2m distancing between adults remaining in place we are unable to use our dining hall so children have eaten outside or in classrooms.  After the October break all lunches will be eaten indoors.   We have seen several cases in school, both of staff and of pupils, and I hope that the October holiday week proves to be ‘negative’ for everyone.   


Thank you so much for the amazing response to our appeal for items for Care4Calais.  Unfortunately the charity now find themselves in the position of being unable to accept any donations.  We have contacted LIFT (a local charity who support families on a low income) and they will be delighted to accept what we have collected.  I hope that this is acceptable to you all.

Fairtrade Tuck Shop

It is great to have our Fairtrade Tuck Shop up and running again.  The tuck shop will run fortnightly : Wednesday for those pupils who enter by the front gate and Thursday for those who enter by the back gate.  Apologies for a miscommunication this week regarding this.   Our next tuck shops will be on Wed 3rd and Thurs 4th November.


Many of you will be aware that work is currently taking place on the mound to repair parts that have deteriorated through wear and tear.   Hopefully the area will be open and ready for action after the holidays.  We are also hopeful that work to start our outdoor library will also start soon.  

Rainbow School

This week has seen our P6 and P7 leaders of learning group take part in their first learning visits to other classes.  They spoke to children about what they were learning and wrote a brief report.  See below for a couple of extracts.

‘P5H were learning about chemical reactions in science.  They had to clearly label the equipment and explain it in their jotters………..  They liked how the science includes food and drinks………. A few groups also mentioned that a good lesson is a lesson which is fun.’   Georgina, Emily, Lucee

‘The P2s were very excited to tell us about what they were learning………   Charlotte told us she liked using the counting on strategy………….it is all quite active so they are not just sitting at a desk and doing a worksheet.   We think it is all very interesting and is an example of a great lesson.’    Phoebe, Meg

Today we have had an emotional goodbye to Mrs Martin.  The comments and wishes from everyone show exactly how much she is thought of.  We wish her every success at Blackhall.

I hope you all have an enjoyable October break and look forward to welcoming back all our learners on Tues Oct 26th ready for Halloween fun on Friday Oct 29th!

Thank you for your support

Jacqueline Scott