Trinity News: November 17th

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well.  I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we continue to manage COVID infections and restrictions.  We are all very aware of how long it has been since we were able to welcome parents and carers into school – in fact for some families it is possible you have never actually been into the building that you send your child to each day.    We are desperate to open our doors again but in the meantime I hope you feel confident that we are doing all we can to ensure all our learners make progress and enjoy being at school.  

We are in the process of organising Christmas@Trinity.  For those of you familiar with us you will know that we try to include something for everyone and make the month of December a special one.  Our view is you are only young once!   Please look out for the Christmas activities calendar on Friday.

To get ahead of things the following information is worth noting:

  • From Nov 30th (house Christmas Art Day) Christmas jumpers are actively encouraged.  If your child has one and wants to wear it each day they are very welcome to do so.  Our sustainability group are keen to organise a ‘recycle your Christmas jumper’ event.  If you have any Christmas jumpers / T shirts no longer required please do send them into school as soon as possible. 
  • Christmas Star Time will take place on Thurs Dec 2nd.  This year we are aiming to use as many natural and recycled materials as possible.  The following items would be much appreciated – please send into school anytime from now:
    • Wool
    • Old clean white socks – any size
    • Material scraps
    • Buttons
    • Pine cones
  • To reduce paper / card use we ask that children do not bring in Christmas cards to distribute to friends but instead make a donation towards our reverse advent calendar – instead of getting something out / we put something in!  More info will follow
  • Christmas ‘picnic’ lunch : school Christmas lunch will take place on Wed 8th Dec.  Orders must be made on parentpay by Mon 29th Nov.  As with last year lunch will be provided in a Christmas box and will be eaten in classrooms.


It is helpful to everyone if your child arrives at school at the correct time:

8.30am for P5, P6 and P7             8.45am for P3 and P4                     9.00am for P1 and P2

If you are late and no staff member is present at the back gate, children must be brought to the front gate on Newhaven Road and a phone call made to the school office.    For the security of everyone children should not be let into the back playground.  Once the P1 doors are closed the staff do not always realise that a child is outside.

Aug 2022

Enrolment for starting school in Aug 2022 is now open.   This has to be completed online.  If you have a child born between 1 March 2017 and 28 Feb 2018 please complete the form or get in touch with the school office if you require any assistance.  

And finally a huge thank you to those families who came along to our playground tidy.  It was so lovely to actually see and chat with members of our school community.   What a difference they made!  The chicken house and rabbit hutch are now all prepared and ready for our new additions.  We will be welcoming them in January.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott