Trinity News: December 7th

Dear Parents and Carers

With the Festive season well and truly upon us, Christmas@TPS is going well.  Last week saw us decorate our school corridors with art based on The Snawman, (watch out for a reading of this by some of our learners), a fabulous Star Time event, (‘the best ever’ to quote some), some classes being Snowball Splattered and our reverse advent calendar already reaching over £80 of donations.  The variety of Christmas outfits is amazing!

As we enter week two, P1 and P2 will be meeting Mrs Claus in the secret garden and enjoying a story and a toasted marshmallow, the silent disco will be in action, our ‘trip’ to the theatre and Christmas lunch will take place on Wed, P6 and P7 will be partying on Thursday whilst P5 will run their Christmas market and on Friday we will gather in the front playground for our outdoor service.  We are delighted that by the end of this week, parents and carers of P5 and P7 will have been able to attend a school event.   The week of Dec 13th sees parents and carers of P3 able to watch the P3 show, albeit all outdoors.   In the new year we will be looking at what we can offer for P1, P2, P4 and P6 families.

As I am sure you will appreciate there are costs attached to the various activities (silent disco hire, panto, party food, decorations, ice lollies, mallows etc) and school budgets are tight.  We have set up a Christmas payment of £4 per pupil to be paid through parentpay but please simply pay what you can.  No child will  miss out on any of the activities because of cost.   A huge thanks to Morrisons on Ferry Road who have provided the ice lollies at a discounted rate.

An inclusive authority :

There are times in all schools when the behaviours shown by some learners can cause concern.   Please be assured that we are very aware of these behaviours and that we work with our Additional Support for Learning service, health professionals, educational psychologist and other partners as we strive to get it right for all of our learners.  The following statement was produced by the City of Edinburgh council – you may find this helpful to read.   Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.

In Edinburgh children and young people are at the heart of our vision for the future.

As an inclusive community we work with parents, carers and, where appropriate, partner agencies to support all children and young people. 

By working together, we help children and young people to develop understanding about relationships, respect, teamwork, honesty, fairness, patience, and compassion. We do this by offering interesting and relevant learning experiences, by providing our staff with the training and resources they need, and by working with the whole community to accept and care for one another.  This isn’t always easy, but we believe it is essential so that our children and young people understand the people they meet and learn how to work together to handle setbacks and difficult situations throughout their lives. 

When children and young people experience adverse events or as a response to their additional support need, they let us know by reacting in different ways.  This presents difficulties for those around them.  By working together, by understanding the cause and working out solutions, we can find a way to solve or deal with a problem.  If it takes time to get over a problem we will work with a child, young person, and their family to work out the best way forward.  This may involve making adaptations and providing additional support or in exceptional circumstances identifying a change of environment.

We recognise that we all experience difficult times, and that everyone deserves the best possible care and support.  In Edinburgh we support children and young people to learn in different ways according to their needs. As children and young people learn to read, write, and count some require more support than others do. This need for support arises for a variety of reasons learning difficulties, challenges with emotional regulation and social communication issues.  We must meet the needs of all our students in a fair, compassionate, and proportionate way.

In considering how to support all children and young people reach their full potential   it may not always be possible to arrive at a resolution all parties agree.  However, we will to listen to any parent, young person, child or member of staff and work together to resolve difficulties. 

We are committed to do all we can to make Edinburgh an inclusive place to live and learn.

As we head towards the end of term I would like to thank you again for all the support and understanding you have given our school community.  Since March 2020 I have felt a real sense of being in this together.  Whilst I do not think any of us thought that in Dec 2021 we would still be facing restrictions in school the fact remains that we are.  More than ever we need to continue to be kind to each other and to persevere.  We can do this!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott  | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

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