Trinity News: 20th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope the sun shining today is making you feel upbeat especially after what has come to be called Blue Monday on the 17th.  As I write this I can hear the music for P4 practising their Scottish Ceilidh dancing outside.   Some of you may have seen P6 and P7 first thing in the morning doing exactly the same thing.   Nothing like a bit of Ceilidh dancing at 8.40am to start a day!   It is so encouraging to see learning like this taking place again.

Burns Day – Tues Jan 25th :  On Tuesday everyone is welcome to wear a wee bit or a big bit of tartan to school.  We are planning to attempt a whole school Ceilidh dance which, I am sure, will not be without its challenges.  However nothing venture, nothing gained!   P6 parents and carers will have the opportunity to share learning at 2.00pm in the front playground.  I look forward to seeing you then.

Biscuit and a Blether : this week it is the turn of our Craighall learners to enjoy a biscuit and a blether about their learning over the weekend.  Please do take time to chat with your child and then to return their learning record on Monday.  Unfortunately there are still several Argyll learning records that have not made it back in.

School office : to allow for staff training and to manage staff absence there are occasions when the school office will be closed.  A text will be sent to advise of this. 

Empowered Learning : many of you will be aware of the initiative to increase the number of ipads in schools.   Trinity are scheduled to receive our devices in June of this year.   This will mean that from Aug pupils in P6 and P7 will have a 1:1 ratio of pupil to ipad and from P1 to P5 a 1: 5 ratio.   We have already started the preparation for this and are confident that our learners (including staff) will continue to adapt and make the best use of this technology.  It is hoped that improvements to the bandwidth in school will happen soon.

Rainbow school : our Rainbow School approach to increasing learner voice and participation in our school has been highlighted in a report to the Education Committee.  Whilst this is our first year and we are aware of improvements / adaptations that can be made, I am really pleased with how it is developing.  Currently our P4 learners are our Rainbow stage. 

It is so heartening to see the lifting of restrictions in wider society and we are hopeful that this may impact positively on schools.   As we wait for updated guidance please continue to support us with the current restrictions.   I am increasingly hopeful that it won’t be too long before our ‘doors will be open’. 

Thank you as always for the words and actions of support and understanding.  Being a part of the Trinity Primary Community is second to none.

Jacqueline Scott