Trinity News : Feb 28th 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

As we begin week two of the second part of this term the lighter mornings and evenings are much welcomed. The days of going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark are never my favourite!

The gradual easing of COVID restrictions is also welcomed although we are asked in schools to remain quite cautious.  Staff continue to maintain 2m distance from each other and wear face coverings in communal areas.  Whist we are still not allowed parents and carers into our buildings please do get in touch if you need to talk with us – essential face to face meetings are permitted.  I am hopeful that managing staff absence will become less of a daily task – roll on the day when we have a full staff team actually in school.  The last day that happened was August 16th 2021!  

The last two years have shown how incredibly resilient and kind our Trinity community is.  Watching the news unfold at the moment those values are so important.  We have had a couple of our learners express concern about the situation in Ukraine and staff will help to alleviate any concerns by taking time to listen and by reassuring our learners that adults all over the world are doing all they can to resolve what is happening.  Parents and carers may find the following link helpful


Thank you to our P4 learners who organised a Fairtrade stall for parents and carers in the front playground on Friday.  The stall will operate again this Friday March 4th with P3 learners taking charge and running the stall from 11.45am in the back playground.  Please do support Fairtrade by purchasing items. 

World Book Day : Thursday March 3rd

This Thursday sees the 25th anniversary of World Book day.   In the past we have invited children to dress up as favourite book characters, to represent facts etc.  We are aware that this can be expensive, time consuming and stressful for parents and carers so this year we are going for a Making Words approach.  Each of the children will be given a white T shirt onto which they will write the initial letter of their name.  On Thursday afternoon we are going to undertake a giant word making event in the playground as the children ‘find’ other letters and make words and book titles.  If you are available to pop along to the playground at 1.40pm and lend a hand with spelling you would be very welcome.

The cost of the T shirt is £2 with payment being able to be made through ParentPay from tomorrow.  T shirts will be taken home.

Out of school and in school visits

With the gradual easing of restrictions we are able to start to organise out of school and in school visits from outside agencies again.  I am delighted that our P7s are off to Benmore for a residential week in April. This is always a highlight of P7 and an experience that unfortunately has not happened since Nov 2019.  I do not doubt they will have an amazing time.  P6 and P5 have the opportunity to participate in skiing lessons or outdoor learning activities at Hillend, P4 had a visit from the RSPCA, P1 are hoping to be visited by ‘dinosaurs’  and Scottish Opera will once again be working with our P5s.   Exciting times.

Our school picnic to Aberdour beach for all P1 – P6 learners is planned for Wed June 22nd.  Please do add this date to our diary as parents and carers are both welcomed and needed.

As I am sure you will appreciate these experiences come at a cost and we have to ask parents and carers to contribute.  Circumstances vary considerably from family to family and from time to time so we operate a pay what you can afford approach at Trinity.  We ask that everyone contributes something.  Our aim is that no child misses out on an experience for financial reasons.    Please read the email about any visit / experience carefully as this will advise of the actual cost.  Parents and carers are asked to make payment through Parentpay.  This may be less than the actual cost if assistance is required, the actual cost or more than the actual cost as a means of supporting other children.   Thank you to many families who do this. 

Red Nose Day : Friday March 18th

We are planning to hand over the running of our Red Nose Day to our learners.  In the past they have done an amazing job of organising stalls and events to raise money for Comic Relief.   I will be meeting those with ideas over the next few days.  On Friday 18th March children are welcome to come to school ‘looking funny’!   This may mean clothes inside out, worn upside down, with silly hairstyles etc.  More information will follow soon.

Parent / Carer conversations

Parents and Carers in P4, P5, P6 and P7 will have the opportunity for a video call with their child’s teacher in March.   An email has been sent regarding how to arrange a time.

For those in P1, P2 and P3 video calls will take place in May.

Looking forward we will be discussing with our Parent Council the best approach to take in session 2022 / 2023.

Easter Assembly

Our plan is to hold an Easter Assembly in the front playground at 2.00pm on Thursday 7th April.  Parents and Carers will be very welcome to attend unless guidance changes.

Building update

We are expecting new windows to be fitted in our main hall over the Easter holidays.   If all goes to plan there should be no disruption to school life.

Our school kitchen is also being upgraded with work planned over part of the summer term and summer holidays.  Please watch out for information as this may impact on school lunch provision.

I hope the weeks leading up to the Easter holidays go well for all our school community.  Spring is just around the corner.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott