Bring a jar on Friday 13th and dress down!

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope your week is going well.  Our school Fair is taking place on Saturday May 21st.  It will be so great to have this happen again.  One of the stalls is the jar stall – always very popular!   Families are asked to fill a jar with small items eg toys, hair bobbles, sweets, soap etc and hand it into school.  At the fair the jars go on the stall to be bought.  Much sought after jars are those with ribbon or decorations although we do always find that every jar sells.  This is a real money raiser so your support is much appreciated.

On Friday May 13th children are welcome to wear what they like to school and bring along a filled jar or jars.   If you won’t manage to do this for Friday then children can dress down and bring the jar later – we trust you!

Many thanks

Jacqueline Scott