P1 Nativity 2022

Dear P1 Parents and Carers

I do apologise for the change of date for the P1 Nativity and hope that this doesn’t cause any inconvenience.   P1M and P1J will now share ‘Baarmy Bethlehem’ on Mon 12th and P1S and P1K on Tues 13th December at 9.15am.  

We have given a lot of consideration as to how best to approach the Nativity to allow it to fit with the play pedagogy happening in P1, to ensure that all our learners, irrespective of their needs are included, to avoid lots of time rehearsing and to allow as many family members to come along as may wish to do so.  To this end we have continued with a film approach and on the morning of the 12th and 13th you are invited to the premiere in the main hall.  Parents, carers, grannies, grandads etc are all very welcome.  

How will the premiere work?

Our children will sit with their families or their buddies to watch.

Children are invited to dress for a special occasion.  (An early introduction to an Oscars or BAAFTA ceremony!)

Refreshments will be available 

Children will share some songs

We really do hope that this will be a memorable event that everyone will enjoy.

Thank you for your support

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Jacqueline Scott  | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

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