Trinity News 13th March 2023

Welcome to Trinity News.  I hope you are all well.

Please read on for an update of what’s been happening and what we’re looking forward to.

World Book Day

Great fun was had as we celebrated World Book Day.  The book title hunt in the afternoon proved to be quite a challenge as our learners read clues and tried to find the related book.  Seeing so many persevering, working together and helping each other showed our Trinity values.


We are always delighted to hear about the achievements of our learners both in school and out so do please keep letting us know.  The achievements board in the main hall is filling up!

Parents’ / Carers’ Evening / Afternoon

It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many parents and carers and share the progress our learners are making.  I do apologise for the glitch in the booking system and hope that things were resolved satisfactorily for everyone.  I know that Mrs Boath worked tirelessly to sort things.   For those unable to attend please do get in touch as working in partnership with school has a very positive impact on your child.  As always if you have any concerns or require further information we are always available to meet and to listen.

Industrial Action

There is no further Industrial Action planned.


We are continuing to encourage our learners to reduce the amount of snacks they are eating. One item is enough!  Snacks are eaten in the playground during the 15minute breaktime.  Anything unfinished can be eaten at lunchtime or taken home.   Please do help us with this as I am sure we all want our children to learn healthy eating habits.

Online safety

We are becoming increasingly concerned at the number of our learners who are using social media inappropriately.  The following was shared with P5 – P7 parents and carers but given that much younger children are also accessing phones and tablets I thought it appropriate to include here.

………. content has been of a sexual nature, some as online bullying, some uses offensive language and some has other material not age appropriate.

As I am sure you will appreciate, as a school, we are both unable to and don’t wish to, monitor the content on pupil phones.  I am however increasingly concerned that as parents and carers you are unaware of what is being shared by the children.

Advice given says that parents and carers should check their child’s phone etc on a daily basis, including the history of online searching.   Hopefully if all parents and carers take this on, and the children know that this will be happening, together we can ensure that social media has only positive benefits for Trinity Learners.   

The subject has been put on the agenda for the Parent Council mtg taking place this week.

What’s coming up for the rest of this term?

Mon 13th : grp filmed for series of films to support mental health in young people

Tues 14th : 9.15am P4 show for parents and carers

         P7 to Listening workshop at the Hub

                    7.30pm Parent Council meeting in school

Wed 15th : P6 to Beamish Outdoor Museum near Newcastle

         9.15am P4 show for parents and carers

          P7 to Listening workshop at the Hub 

Thurs 16th : P7 to Listening workshop at the Hub

Fri 17th : Red Nose Day – the organisation of this has been handed over to our learners. Everyone is welcome to dress daft, dress down or dress dressy and to bring some money to spend.  Stalls will charge 20p, 50p or £1.

Fri 24th : 9.30am Spring Trinity Together at North Leith Parish Church – all welcome

Mon 27th : Grp to Cross Country finals

Tues 28th : 7.00pm P7(supported by P6) show at Trinity Academy.  #ourfringe!

Wed 29th : Group to swimming gala

Thurs 30th : 6.00pm TPSA P1 and P2 Easter penny hunt

Fri 31st : House event – wear house colours if you can!

                School closes at 12.00 for the holidays

The summer term begins on Monday 17th April. We are looking forward to learning about Amazing Asia.  Please do get in touch if you can help with cooking, art, dance, sharing experiences, music etc etc or have any other ideas.    ALL offers are much appreciated.  

Mon 1st May : holiday

Tues 2nd May : INSET day – school closed for pupils

Mon 8th May : additional holiday for Coronation

Mon 22nd May : holiday

Thank you for your continued support.  We are so proud of our Trinity Learners who never fail to show us how creative, kind and respectful they can be.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott