Trinity News: 5th May 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well and not too fed up with the current lack of warmer weather.  I am ever hopeful that some sunny and warm days are just around the corner!

The summer term is always a busy one as we come to the end of a school year and prepare for a new one.  Having to organise and manage a partial decant was unexpected but managed so positively by staff and our P6 learners. A huge thanks to them all.   It really was all hands on deck to move a considerable amount of furniture and resources within our own school and to set up three learning spaces in Trinity Academy.  I am delighted to report that P6 are now settled into their new environment, kitchen staff have set up a serving area in our dining hall that is working well, the staff are comfortable in their temporary staff room, our cleaners and janitor are managing to access what they need and Mrs Boath, Mr Steptoe, Ms Brown and myself have found ourselves spaces to work in! We are hopeful that the investigative works will commence next week.  At the moment I remain unsure of timescales but will update as soon as possible.

School lunches : I am very aware of the concern re the lack of hot school lunches and can only apologise.  Please note that discussion is taking place to try to introduce something hot into what is offered.   In the meantime please do make sure that you order on parentpay if you wish your child to receive a school packed lunch. 

Brew and Blether : thank you to those of you who came along and joined in with the discussion.  It is always good to hear differing points of view although it does confirm that it is impossible to suit everyone!  We are aware that some of our learners provide limited information about what is happening in school whilst others share every detail.  The use of Twitter provides an overview of some of the learning activities taking place involving all learners, whilst the written profiles and parents/carers meetings provide more detail about individual progress.  If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

GLEE choir : we are so excited that our choir has got through to the next round of the GLEE competition.  They sang beautifully at Central Hall and were very well deserved winners (even though I was slightly biased!).   We wish them lots of luck in the next heat.

Trinity Journey : as we begin to meet our new P1 learners and say goodbye to our P7s I always find myself reflecting on the Trinity journey.  Being able to get back to providing a range of learning experiences after COVID restrictions has been fabulous.  An experience that we always aim to offer at some point in the Trinity journey is to see live theatre as a school.  In the past we have been to Arabian Nights, The Lion King and Matilda, all of which were extremely memorable.   To continue with this ‘tradition’, tickets have been booked for all P1 – P7 learners to go to see Shrek, the Musical at the Playhouse on Wed Jan 24th 2024.   Further information will be issued shortly but I wanted to let you know now in case you were thinking of booking to go as a family.  I hope that this will be as great an experience as our previous theatre visits.  

Updated dates for the term ahead :


Mon 8th : Holiday

Wed 10th : P7 Evening News photos

Sat 13th : 11.00am – 1.00pm School Fair

Mon 15th : Individual and Family photos (new photographer being used in response to parent / carer feedback)

Tues 16th : Individual and Family photos 

Thurs 18th: Photo ‘mop up’

Fri 19th : Sports Day in Victoria Park (see separate email re further info)

Mon 22nd : Holiday

Tues 23rd : P7 begin their 7 Hills of Edinburgh Challenge

Wed 31st : New P1 event

             P5 – P7 Athletics Festival


Mon 5th : P5 Origami workshops

Tues 6th : Lion dance

Thurs 8th : 5.45pm – 7.00pm Open Evening ‘Amazing Asia’

Fri 16th : House elections

Tues 20th : P7 to TA and other secondary schools

             Meet the Teacher

Wed 21st : P1 – P6 Picnic to Aberdour (see separate email re further info : HELP much needed!)

Thurs 22nd : 6.30pm – 8.00pm P7 Leavers’ Do in the secret garden (food and a water fight!)

Fri 23rd : 9.15am : Trinity Together End of year celebration in front playground (ALL welcome)

Mon 26th : P7 picnic to North Berwick

Tues 27th : Trinity’s Got Talent final

Wed 28th : 1.00pm School closes for the summer holidays.  Lunch available if required. 

I look forward to seeing you at the various events in the coming weeks.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott