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Hello P2!

Today’s task is to compare and order numbers. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of counting each day. Listen to ‘The Big Numbers Song’ on YouTube to get you thinking about numbers ranging from 0-100.

You can then complete one of the following worksheets below. You may wish to use the attached 100 square to help you.

This BBC Bitesize video may also help you to understand how we order and display numbers from the smallest number to the largest number.


  1. The Incredibles- Mrs McLeister Hercules- Miss Henderson The Little Mermaid- Miss Watt
  2. yellow- Mrs McLeister turquoise- Miss Watt pink- Miss Henderson
  3. Dairy Milk- Mrs McLeister Crunchie- Miss Watt Double Decker- Miss Henderson
  4. Reading- Miss Henderson Shopping- Mrs McLeister Swimming- Miss Watt
  5. A- Miss Watt B- Miss Henderson C- Mrs McLeister

Have a lovely weekend!

P2 Team

P2- Writing

Good morning P2!

Please click on the PDF document below to access Mrs Keillor’s handwriting extension task. Remember to form your letters carefully and take your time.

We are looking forward to seeing your fact files this week. Here are some examples that your teachers made:

Keep up the hard work, P2! We are so proud of you all!  

P2 Team