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P5B Water of Leith Visitor Centre Trip blog

Dear parents/carers,

On Monday, P5B went to the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. I loved walking in the woodlands and learning about the animals. I feel so happy we got the chance – thank you for having us.

From Lilly


On 19th March we went on the trip to the WATER OF LEITH. I think this is a very, very funny place. We made animals with plastic boxes from, for example, yogurt. We had a very and super clever conductress. We were in forest and we borrow Wellingtons. This is a good trip for me.

By Maja Chmielewska



On the 19th of March we went to the Water of Leith. It was great fun. We did a lot of activities there such as naming trees and learning about how to tell what type they are. We learned how trees talk to each other. The funniest activity was finding bugs. Most of us were freezing but it was still good fun. When we got back to the centre, we made 3D animals. Me and my group made a snail. At the end of the day we got to get something from the gift shop and that was the end of our trip.

By Zoe.



I was at the visitor centre in the Water of Leith. We put on welly boots and went to a big, beautiful woodland. We were talking about trees, bugs and other interesting stuff. We had to find bugs but….I did not so I gave my stuff back but it was lots of fun. I will definitely go to that place again. I would like to say thanks.

By Victor Robaskiwicz


On Monday, P5B went to the Water of Leith visitor centre. It was very fun and we found out some interesting facts about woodlands in Scotland. Then we tried to find bugs but I could not find one but I still had fun.

By Juan


Dear parents and carers,

HELLO! On Monday we went to the Water of Leith visitor centre. It was great. We started off outside. We identified trees and invertebrates. After lunch we created a mini-beast.