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P1 Learning from Home (WK9 – 1st-5th June)

Hello, and I hope that everyone has enjoyed the glorious sunshine over the weekend.

Below is this week’s learning from home grid for our fabulous P1 Trinity Learners.

WK9 P1 Learning from Home grid

As with previous weeks, the boxes coloured red indicate that there is an accompanying worksheet or file, which can be found below.

Three videos connected to activities this week have also been uploaded to the P1 YouTube Helpdesk.


The WOW work this week is the outdoor learning pictures activity – please see the learning grid for more details. We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful creations!


Arrow diagrams are our focus in data handling this week

arrow diagram 1

arrow diagram 2

Our subtraction focus continues in numeracy this week, with the aim of the worksheets below being the quick recall of subtraction facts.

Subtracting 1 and 2

Subtracting from 6

Subtracting from 7

Subtracting from 9

Subtracting from 10

Subtraction from 20

There are also a couple of subtraction games to play, which will encourage the development of this skill, as well as an I Spy dinosaur counting game with a checklist.

subtraction bus board game – within 10

subtraction games – snakes and ladders – within 20

I Spy Dinosaurs 1-20

I spy dinosaurs 1-20 – checklist


Choose one or more of the worksheets below to build on this week’s phonics practice.

Phonics level 1 – initial sounds

Phonics level 2 – cvc words

Phonics level 3 – cvc words and tricky words in sentences

Continue practising letter formation and knowledge of tall letters, small letters and tail letters. There is a poster below for reference and a tall letters worksheet for completion.

Tall, Small, Tail letters poster

Tall letters worksheet


The writing activities this week are linke to our topic. The children could add two more pages to their dinosaur fact books. The templates for these activities are below for use if needed, as well as a link to instructions for making a dinosaur fossil.

Dinosaur Extinction – fact book template

Instructions template

Instructions template with support

Make a dinosaur fossil – science experiment


This week’s PE activities have been kindly provided by Ms Griffin.

PE Learning from Home Week 9

As always, we are happy to hear from you with photos of the children’s activities and with any queries that arise. Have a good week – here’s hoping the lovely weather continues!









P1 Learning from Home – WK6 (11th-15th May)

We hope that everyone has had a restful ‘VE Day 75’ long weekend.

We have arrived at Week 6 of Learning from Home, and below is this week’s grid, which includes a variety of activities for our ever-eager P1 Trinity Learners to complete! As a reminder, the activity boxes in red have links to either slides or worksheets that can be accessed and downloaded from this page on the TPS website.

week 6 learning from home grid


We are excited to begin our new, whole-school topic this week about times in the past. While there is usually no specific order in which to complete activities each week, this week it would be beneficial to begin with the ‘Time Travellers Intro’ Powerpoint below, which introduces the P1 focus and provides a common link for the other topic-related activities on the grid. The WOW work this week will be selected from the dinosaur landscapes made by the children, which is one of the activities on the grid.

Time Travellers Intro PPT

Living, nonliving and extinct powerpoint


This week we are beginning our focus on non-fiction books, which will continue for the next few weeks, and we are also introducing the ‘ee’ sound. There are a few worksheets below to support this, of which you are encouraged to choose one (or more if you wish!) that you feel provides appropriate challenge for your child.

Fact or Fiction Final 1

Dinosaurs ebook pdf

‘ee’ sound – break and make words

‘ee’ sound – read and write

‘ee’ sound – wordsearch


Our money focus continues this week. See the grid for details of the various activities, with relevant links below.

Making amounts of money – piggy banks

Crack the code addition to 10

Dot to dot by 1s dinosaurs

Dot to dot by 2s dinosaur


Suggested PE activities for the week have kindly been provided by our PE specialist teacher, Ms Griffin.

PE Learning from Home Week 6

Look out for another of our fun and fabulous P1 challenges during the coming week. This week’s challenge will be linked to National Numeracy Day, which is next Wednesday, 13th May.

Thank you, as always, for all that you are doing to support your child’s learning at home during this period. We are all ever so grateful for all of the emails, photos and video links that you send to us. It is lovely to see all of the creativity and endeavour that is happening in each household each week while our school is closed.

Bye for now,







Week 3 – Learning from Home (w/c 21st April)

Hello, and a very warm welcome back to Learning from Home in P1! We hope that you have all had a restful time over the Easter holidays and have managed to stay safe and well.

Please find below the link to our P1 learning from home grid for this week. As before, there is a selection of activities for your child to complete, all of which are linked to the Early Years outcomes that we would be covering in school under normal circumstances. Your child does not have to complete every activity, but hopefully there is more than enough here to keep your eager Trinity Learner busy until the weekend!

week 3 learning from home grid

You will notice that some boxes on the grid are coloured in red. This is to indicate that there is an accompanying worksheet or file to go with this task. The links to these files are listed below for you to access when needed.

Literacy – cvc word building

Literacy – 1 star challenge (initial sound matching)

Literacy – 2 star challenge (cvc words)

Literacy – 3 star challenge (cvc sentences)

Numeracy – Rainbow to 10

Number bonds to 10 or 20 – clouds

Please continue to the numeracy walls in your child’s Learning from Home jotters on a daily basis, ticking off each activity as and when you feel these are being completed with confidence. If you feel that your child is ready for a little more challenge, you may wish to access the walls below, which contain activities that will provide some progression in numeracy if required at this point. *Please note that there is no expectation for your child to move on to either of these walls at this point if they are still working through the activities on the numeracy wall in their jotter. Completion of the CH6 wall is the benchmark by the end of P1.*

Ch7 Figurative Home Learning Wall

Ch8 Counting On Home Learning Wall 1

Examples of ten-frames (CH7.CH8)

The file below contains some suggestions for this week’s PE activities.

PE Learning from Home week 3


We are excited to inform you that we are now able to award our P1 learners house pennies again for effort, fabulous work, creativity, perseverance and any other fantastic achievements that we see via your messages and photographs. These will be counted at the end of each week, as they would be in school, and the winning House will be announced each Friday on our Website. Please let your child know that our house pennies system is back in place and I’m sure this will motivate them each day as they complete their activities.

Finally, this Wednesday is Earth Day, so look out for a further post from us here, which will provide a little suggested activity to link in with that.

Thank you for persevering with this rather lengthy message! As always, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact your child’s P1 home teacher via email. Huge thanks, too, for all that you are continuing to do to assist with your child’s learning from home during this period. It is much appreciated by us all. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing more lovely photos of the children and the activities that they are engaging with at home.

Bye for now,

The P1 Team.