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P1 – Thank you message

All of the P1 teachers would like to say a huge thank you to the P1 pupils and parents/carers for their support, kindness and generosity over the last few months. We have really appreciated all of the supportive messages we have been sent and the positive feedback we have had. We would also like to say a massive thank you for the very kind gifts that were delivered to school last week from the whole year group, and also for the individual cards and gifts we have also received. We feel very grateful and would like you to know that it is very appreciated.

We have had the best year with P1 and are very proud of the Trinity Learners they have become. Although we are sad not to be able to say goodbye in person, we know that they will continue to be just as brilliant in P2! We wish you all a lovely and restful summer holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back in some capacity in August.

Best wishes from the P1 Team,

Mrs Pattinson, Mr Blaikie, Miss Sherazee and Miss Brown


Perseverance Wall

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in their pictures of things they have been persevering with at home over the last couple of weeks. It looks like everyone is working hard to try new challenges and to learn new things. The value that we are focussing on next is Respect and we look forward to seeing your pictures from the first activity.


P1 weekly challenge

This week our weekly challenge is linked to Sports Day. As well as doing exercise to stay healthy we also need to eat healthy foods. This week the P1 teachers are challenging you to create a healthy snack to enjoy during your week of sporting activities. What healthy foods will you include in your snack? Can you make your snack look interesting?

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Perseverance at Trinity Primary School

As we enter the 6th week of Learning from Home, and 8 weeks since we were last at school, I am sure that lots of you have been persevering with different things. Below are some examples of pupils who have used our ‘Don’t Give Up Dino’ Learning Power to help them persevere and succeed with particular challenges. Well done everyone, it is great to see that you are all keeping busy!

Perseverance wall


P1 – Learning from Home week 4 (27th April – 1st May)

P1 – Learning from Home week 4 (27th April – 1st May)

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher at least once a week to share what they have been learning. Also, if you have any questions or problems please just send us an email.

Week 4 Learning Grid

week 4 learning from home grid

Please find the week 4 learning grid attached. It would be great if you could work through as many of these activities as possible. Some of the boxes on the grid (coloured red) link to an attachment below. Please feel free to either print these and stick into the jotter or to copy the work onto a piece of paper or jotter.

WOW work

This week we will be focussing on rhyme for our WOW work. We will be choosing work from the rhyming sentences that you have written as part of the weekly grid activities. At the end of the week each teacher will choose an excellent piece of work from their class and this will be uploaded to the website next Monday.

YouTube Helpdesk

This week we have uploaded a couple of videos onto the P1 Helpdesk on YouTube. These videos will help with some of the learning in the weekly grid. Please visit the helpdesk here:

Rhyme activities

Here are a selection of activities to help your child to explore rhyming words. You can choose to complete 1 activity or all of them. You may wish to complete the activities on the screen, print them out or copy them into your child’s jotter or piece of paper.

rhyming words powerpoint

rhyming words odd one out

rhyming words cut and stick

rhyming cards


Maths and Numeracy

Please remember to keep practising the daily activities listed in the Learning from Home jotter, as well as trying activities from the SEAL grids (in your child’s Homelearning jotter and provided on website last week).

We also want to encourage you to access the Sumdog website with your child. Over the coming weeks, maths and numeracy challenges and assessments will be set on Sumdog. Therefore, it would be helpful for pupils to have completed the diagnostic test before these are set. Please let us know if you require any assistance with this or to be reminded of your child’s login details.

The attachments below link to learning from the weekly grid. There is no expectation to complete all of the activities, they are there to provide some challenge and consolidation of the activities.

number bonds to 10 board game

Money – Coin Detectives

Money – Coin Recognition

Money – Fastest Finger Coin Recognition Cards

Money – Fastest Finger Coin Recognition Coin Mat

Topic – My Family

This week we are focussing on a Health and Wellbeing topic and will be looking at ‘My Family’. This is linked to the new Health and Wellbeing resource for Scotland and more information can be found here or in the attachments below.



Learning Intentions

  • Children talk about their own family. • Children are able to describe the role of parents and carers. • Children discuss different family situations.

Success criteria

  • I understand that families are made up of lots of different people who care for us. • I can think about my own family. • I know that I have a right to be cared for in certain ways and why this is important. • I know that care can be different and come from different people. • I understand there are lots of types of family. • I appreciate that everyone comes from different kinds of families. • I am learning to respect how people’s lives are different.

Below are some links to help you with the tasks this week.

Every kind of family

Family Tree