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P4 M & T Wow work

Orla made a super presentation to show the results of her ‘bird beak’ experiment.

Matthew conducted the carrot top experiment and saw some exciting results! He documented the changes with photos and voice notes.

Ruaridh carried out the car experiment and completed a very detailed report. I am very impressed with his use of technology to share his findings!

P3 M & T – Instruments for the chocolate song!

As Miss Graham mentioned in her post, we are going to make a wonderful performance of the Chocolate song! For M &T this week, your challenge is to create an instrument using household objects, then play along with the introduction of the song. Send in your creations to feature in our virtual video performance! Here is a short video to give you some ideas:

house penny winners

The totals are particularly high this week because of all your super Sports Day photo submissions! The winning house for this week is not the winner of Sports Week: that will be announced at our ‘End of Year Service!’ These totals include all of the house pennies you have been earning for your learning from home throughout the week- not just Sports Week.

Virtual house relays 2020

I’m aware that Mrs Scott looks like she is the wrong way up but it works fine when you press play!