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P2 PHonics revision

This week we are having a look back at some sounds that we have covered in P2. Once you have watched the Alphablocks videos to remind you of the sounds – have a go at playing the game available below and try out a worksheet or a crossword to see if you can remember how to use ‘ng and ‘nk. They sound very similar so you will need to be careful! We have also added some poems using these sounds – can you find all the ‘ng’ and ‘nk’ words? If you are feeling super confident – maybe you could use some of them to write a poem of your own!

P2 problem Solving

Sizing Them Up

We have been looking at area this week – can you use what you have learned to solve the problem below?

Arrange these shapes in order of size. Put the smallest first.

seven irregular shapes

Once you’ve had a chance to think about it, see below to see how four different pupils began working on the task.

Kelsey said:”I printed the shapes and then measured the length of each shape at the longest point.” 

Louise and Rosie said:”We observed the area of each and tried to rearrange the shapes in our heads to compare them.” 

Thomas said:”I cut out the shapes then cut each up into little pieces and laid them on top of each other to see which was bigger. I also put them on a grid with small squares and counted the number of squares for each.” 

Can you take each of these starting ideas and develop it into a solution?

p2 Mungo’s phonics

Good morning P2! We are looking at one more sound this week before we do some revision for the end of term. Mungo and Doreen have been outside again. Can you hear what the sound might be this week? Once you have watched the video, have a go at the task. You can also try out one of the worksheets below which will help you to use the sound correctly.

This song might help you with sorting which spelling to use in different words.

P2 Mungo’s phonics

Hello P2! This week we are looking at a different way to spell a sound that we have already looked at. Watch the Alphablocks video to see what the sound is. Can you remember how we spelt the same sound a couple of weeks ago? Doreen and Mungo have been trying to sort out which spelling to use in which words.

Once you have watched the videos – have a go at one of these tasks. You will need to think carefully about which spelling you are using!

P2 Tally marks

We are learning about tally marks this week and we will be using them over the next couple of weeks so it is time to get practising! We use tally marks to help us record the number of a large amount of objects or data that we are counting.

This BBC bitesize video will help you see how we use tally marks with large numbers. The video below has no sound but clearly shows how you should write tally marks as the numbers increase. Can you see what you need to do when you have counted 5 objects? What happens when you have 5 more? How will you count the tally marks – in 1s, or 5s?

You can practise writing tally marks using the worksheet below.

Your task this week is to make tally marks using objects from your house or things that you find outside. What number will you make? Here are some examples that your teachers have made:

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