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Breathing Techniques

One of our parents is a teacher of mindfulness and has offered some lovely breathing techniques to help with bringing our minds and bodies into the present. These are really helpful at times when we feel overwhelmed by strong feelings or are allowing busy-ness to take over and can give us the space we need in between ‘doing things’ to help us act mindfully.

Daily Meditation

What is my path to happiness?

If I asked you this, you might answer very quickly and tell me all the things that would make you happy. If you sit with this as a question though, you might find that other answers drift in from your ocean and wash up on the shore.

You only have one life and spending some time reflecting on what really really brings you peace and happiness, is a gift to yourself.

Daily Meditation

I am the sky.

Everything else is just the weather.

Here the sky is truth. The core of who you are. Everything else that happens – dark clouds, sunshine, rain, rainbows – will pass.

Daily Meditation

Now, I am perfect.

We can become caught up in dwelling about things that have already happened or thinking about things that are going to happen but remember that right now is when you have choices about what you do.

Perfect doesn’t mean getting everything right all the time – it means listening to your body and soul’s and acting in a way that feels truly good for you.

Daily Meditation

Breathe in deeply through your nose for 4 counts.

Breathe out for 6 counts.

Close your eyes and notice what you can hear around you. There might be some familiar and some unfamiliar sounds. You don’t need to know what they are, just let them be there and know they belong, just like you do.

Daily Meditation

Breathe in and out gently.

Become aware of the rhythm of your breath.

Feel it as your rhythm.

Sometimes when we are very busy or life is feeling tough, we can feel somehow separate from ourselves. We just keep going and don’t notice that we are not speaking, feeling or thinking from our real selves. This is a really nice way for you to centre yourself and ‘bring yourself home’.

Daily Meditation

Breathe out all your worries and confusion.

Breathe in fresh life.

Every moment is a fresh opportunity and when we are carrying around worries, it doesn’t feel that way. They can weigh us down and make us feel stuck.

We can’t always solve the worries, but we can choose to give ourselves some distance from them.

So breathe them out, imagine them drifting away into the air and let them go.

Then breathe in fresh air and love the new moment that it brings you.