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daily meditation

Imagine a place of complete safety

This can be somewhere you have been where you felt safe or somewhere that you create in your mind. If it’s imaginary, go to town with it! It can be outside or inside, scattered with big soft cushions, have people, pets and music you love in it, whatever feels safe for you.

Daily meditation

Breathe in thinking compassion

Breathe out thinking forgiveness.

This feels really important just now.

Compassion means kindness, caring and being willing to help others. If we are feeling worried, angry, scared or other difficult emotion, it can be hard to think of others. When we do though, it opens us to up to connection and understanding which can help us to feel better.

It’s important to feel compassion and kindness for ourselves as well as other people. We are human and can’t always get things right. That’s ok.

today’s meditation

Let something beautiful stir your heart

You know that rare moment when everything around you and inside you is still? That moment where you feel lighter than usual and you have the space to be moved . When an act of kindness brings you to tears or you feel a deep rush of overwhelming love for something or someone. When you are struck by the beautiful simplicity of a flower or see a butterfly in December. That is this.

Imagine something so beautiful it almost breaks your heart and hold on to it for a little while. Let yourself feel it for a little longer than is comfortable and allow yourself to be moved.

Calm box

This is nice thing to have on hand if your child (or you) is feeling anxious, worried or angry at times.

Talk to them (or you may already know) what helps them to feel better when they feel strong emotions and pop some things in a shoebox or suchlike that they can take when they need it. If they’ve behaved in a way that needs a conversation, give them some time with this first. It’s hard for children (and indeed adults) to talk about something at the time or straight after the event,

I’ve attached a picture with ideas (with Americanised spellings I’m afraid!) but do what works for your child. You could put in a squeezy toy, bubbles (for blowing things away), some mindfulness/other colouring, a favourite book, playdough, pack of cards, a cuddly toy or anything else that helps them.

You might like to have one as well with things that you know help to calm you, It can feel really challenging to be in with the children all the time with no space or the usual boundaries in place. I will personally be including a picture of a bathroom that I can escape to for 5 minutes without one of my children trying to unlock the door with a 1p coin …