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What colour do you feel today?

What does that mean for you today?

There are no right or wrong answers for this remember. This is to help you tune in to where you are right now and to listen to yourself.

Today's meditation (for everyone)

Take a journey in your mind into pure nature.

Stay there a while.

This is one of my favourites. I like to to take my mind into a forest and listen to the trees whispering and the birds singing. I imagine the sun streaming through the tree tops and everything being very still.

You might prefer to visit somewhere near water – calm, flowing, babbling, roaring, or whatever relaxes you – or you might find mountains , moors or hills to be your haven. Wherever you find peace, give yourself a little time to go there today.

If you find your thoughts interrupting you, notice them, let them float away and don’t follow. This is your time and they can live without you for 5 minutes!

Blob tree

Blob Tree

This is an emotions check-in to see where your child is on the tree today. You can look at it together on the screen or print it out and colour in the ‘Blob’ that they feel like today.They can use colour to represent how they feel too.  The important thing is the chat and naming the feeling. Grown-ups can use it too!

a Nurture message

This is a strange and challenging time and we are all experiencing a new way of living and learning together.  

I hope that the nurture materials that I will put on the website over the coming days will help you with ideas of how to support your children as they work through the learning materials given from class teachers.

If you are all well, it is very important to have a structure in place. Get up as you would do for a school day, make sure everyone gets dressed and eats breakfast and have a plan of action for the day ahead. Routine will help you to hold on to some stability and remember to ration your energy.

If you/your family are well and in accordance with current Government guidance, make sure you include time to be outdoors – walking, games, birdwatching, the park, anything.  By sticking to a routine during the school week, weekends will mean more. Stick with the outdoors stuff as much as possible while it’s still possible – it’s really important for physical and emotional wellbeing.

My working days are Wednesday and Thursday and I will be available by email on these days between 9am and 3pm, should you have any questions or need some help. I will do my very best to respond by the end of the next working day.

I hope you and yours stay safe and well.

Please stay in touch.

Laura Nisbet.