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P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!

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The Last Week
This is the last week of P5! Please continue to complete the fun end of term Trinity grid as well as the P5 learning grid.

New P6 Teachers’ Video and Task
Last Tuesday your new teachers posted a Meet The Team video here        They also gave you a P6 Task, which has been posted on Showbie. Please watch the video and complete the task, if you haven’t already.

Trinity’s Got Talent Voting
Well done to everyone that entered. 12 finalists were chosen by the House Captains. You can now vote for your favourite act below.

Star Time This Week
Find out about what to do for Star Time here!

Goodbye Video
Look on our YouTube page for a good bye video to you from the P5 teachers. Here is the link:

Class Discussion
Class discussion on Showbie will be open all week. Remember to use this sensibly. Your class teacher will receive an email with what you have said, every time you post something in the discussion.

Have a great last week! We hope you like our goodbye video! We will miss you, P5!


P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!

ice poles

Ice Poles
This week we were meant to be going on our school picnic to the beach. Whilst it’s not quite the same we have put some ice poles into a crate at the front door of the school. Pop in, collect one, pop it into your freezer and then imagine you’re on the beach as you eat it!

Meet the P6 Team Video
If you haven’t already, make sure you watch the P6 Meet the Team Video. You’ll find it here:

P6 Survey
Here is the link to the survey that your P6 teachers have asked you to do:

House Captains
All the P6 House Captain speeches can be seen on the school fence at the main school entrance so please have a look when you are out for a walk so you can decide who to vote for. Voting is now live on the school website. You have one vote only for your own house. The last day to vote is by 5.00pm on Thursday June 18th so don’t delay!

Trinity’s Got Talent
House captains are currently working their way through the auditions and will be selecting 10 acts to go through to the final. The final 10 will be made into an imovie and will be on the website. Voting for your favourite act will start at the weekend.

House Pennies
The last day for earning house pennies will be Thursday June 18th!

Have a great day!

P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5,


Finishing Off This Week’s Learning Grid

We hope you have had a great week! Don’t forget to complete the All About Me task for your new teachers. Remember to send in your presentation on something of your choice and to complete Level 2 of the Health Challenge. We hope you enjoyed our Time topic and our Fintastic Flippers topic.


Later Today

Superstars will be announced at 11:00 am and the Learning Grid for the last two weeks will be posted at 12:30 pm.

P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!



Today you are going to find out more about calendars. Begin by reading through the teaching slides on Showbie.


Music and Technology
Don’t forget to check Miss Chalmers’ M&T folder this week!


Children’s Health Challenge
We are now on week 2 of our 4 week Health and Wellbeing Challenge. We hope you are enjoying the relaxing activities! If you complete the 3 activities each week then you will receive a certificate at the end of term!


P5 Morning Message

Good morning P5,

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Trinity Superstars

If you think you deserve a Trinity Superstar certificate this week for something you have done then let your teacher know! Superstars will be announced at snack time tomorrow.


Children’s Health Challenge

Over the next 4 weeks you are going to take part in a Health and Well-being Challenge. If you complete the 3 activities each week (that’s a total of 12 activities over the 4 weeks) then you will receive a certificate at the end of term! Find out more by looking on Showbie in the Overview of the Week folder.


French – My Hobbies

Don’t forget to complete this week’s French task. It is to learn to talk about your hobbies. Find out more by looking in the French folder on Showbie.

french flag

Have a great day!