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P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!


Slip, Slap, Slop

We hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. Please watch this video to find out more about keeping safe in the sun.


Children’s Health Challenge

Over the next 4 weeks you are going to take part in a Health and Well-being Challenge. If you complete the 3 activities each week (that’s a total of 12 activities over the 4 weeks) then you will receive a certificate at the end of term! Find out more by looking on Showbie in the Overview of the Week folder.


Learning Grid

Here is the Learning Grid for this week. P5 Learning From Home Grid 1st-5th June


Have a great Monday!

P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!

cartoon doodle question mark and exclamation mark


This week we would like you to show us your understanding of full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. We have received some great little comic strips so far! Some have even been linked to our Fintastic Flippers topic and have included whales and dolphins!


Health and Well-being

This week we would like you to learn about ‘trusted individuals’.


Catscape Novel Study

We hope you are all enjoying Catscape and the fun activities linked to the novel. This week we would like you to listen to the author reading chapters 7 and 8.

catscape cover

P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!

Maths Today

If you log into Education City and then click on Class Work you will see that Miss Griffiths has set everyone a simple compass activity to do.


Sports Day Photos

Please continue to send in photos of you taking part in the Sports Day events. A house penny will be awarded for each event we get a photo of! I wonder which house will win!


Sumdog Competition

Well done to all of you who took part in the Sumdog Competition. P5G did very well, coming 30th out of hundreds of classes! P5C had 19 pupils taking part! This is second highest number in the whole school! P5M got a great score of 273. Well done everyone.


Superstars and Learning Grid

Later today, we will post the Superstars for each class and then the Learning Grid for next week.


Off With Their Heads!

We have seen some excellent timelines this week. Our French Revolution topic has now finished. We hope you enjoyed it and learned some interesting historical facts.


Fintastic Flippers

Next week we will be beginning a new topic all about orcas, dolphins and porpoises. We are very excited!


P5 Morning Message

Good morning P5,

Learning Grid

We hope you had a lovely long weekend. Here is the Learning Grid for this week.



Writing – Profiles

This week we would like you to answer 3 questions for your Profile (your school report) then send them to your teacher. Your parents/carers also have the opportunity to write something and email it to your teacher. Here are the questions for you and your parents/carers. Email addresses are included.

Profile Questions Writing Task


Sports Day (Week)

If you go to the News page of the school website ( you will see videos of the teachers doing the Sports Day activities! Your challenge is to try every activity. If you send photos to your teacher of you doing them, you can earn a house point for each activity that you do! Parents and carers can also earn house points but the stakes are higher – double each of the targets to earn a point!


Maths Today

In Maths today we will be revising the written method of multiplication. First, read through the teaching slides. Then choose a task to do. If you are stuck, Miss Campbell’s teaching video might help.


Have a great day!

P5 Morning Message

Good morning Primary 5!

Monet's Waterlily Pond

Monet Art
As we are looking at famous French people as part of our Off With Their Heads! French Revolution topic, we thought it would be nice to find out about a famous French artist. Have you had a look at the Monet art lesson yet? We are looking forward to seeing your art work! ART lessson – WALT create a picture in the style of French artist Claude Monet.

Building Resilience
We are so impressed and so proud of you all. Being able to adapt to change and take on new challenges is a really important skill that we have all had to get really good at. Have you tried any of the Building Resilience activities yet? Building Resilience Activities – Look on the Bright Side

Have a great day!