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P1 2019/2020 Farewell video

Hello Primary 1. We hope you enjoy watching this video and we would love to hear what your favourite memories of Primary 1 were. We have had an absolutely amazing year teaching you all and we want to wish you all the very best for Primary 2. Keep up the hard work and have a fantastic summer.


P1 Team

P1 wow work (8th-12th may)

This week the WOW focus was on writing a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. We were so impressed with all of your stories this week Primary One and had such a tough time yet again choosing just one piece of WOW work. This weeks WOW work were Aaron (P1P), Penelope (P1G), Sibby (P1S) and Tosia (P1B). Well done everyone!

P1 making music challenge

Hello Primary 1, Mr Blaikie has set this weeks fun challenge for you and this involves making YOUR OWN music with a little helping hand from Leopold from P1G. We would love to see or hear how you all get on. Have fun =)

*Another reminder* (You will find more information on the News section of the website)

The end of term is fast approaching and we would normally be preparing for our ‘End of Term Service’ over the next couple of weeks. Although it will be a little bit different this year, we can still have fun and give our P7 leavers a memorable send- off as they move on to secondary school.

For our ‘End of Term Virtual Service’, we are encouraging everyone to participate. You can do one or both of the following:

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding a ‘good luck/ we will miss you/ goodbye’ type of message for our P7 leavers. This will be made into a video so please ensure your message can be read clearly.
  2. Send in a video of you singing/ dancing/ playing an instrument along to ‘Stop’ by Erasure. I have allocated year groups to specific sections of the song. You have plenty of time to listen to your section and learn it before videoing your performance. Siblings are encouraged to perform together and whole family performances are also very welcome!

The audio clips, lyrics for each year group section, and some 80s dance move tutorials are included in the PowerPoint document, which you can download below. If you have problems opening the PowerPoint, I am also posting each slide as an image and the audio clips separately.

Photos and/or videos are to be sent to by Wednesday 17th June.

P1 – Learning from Home week 10 (Monday 8th May – Friday 12th May)

Hello all. We are on now on week 10 of learning from home. You are all doing a fantastic job, keep up the hard work Primary 1!  

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher at least once a week to share what they have been learning. Also, if you have any questions or problems please just send us an email.  

Week 10 Learning Grid 

Please find the week 10 learning grid attached. It would be great if you could work through as many of these activities as possible. Some of the boxes on the grid (coloured red) link to an attachment below. Please feel free to either print these and stick into the jotter or to copy the work onto a piece of paper or jotter. 

WOW work: Writing

This week we will be focussing on writing for the WOW work. We will be choosing work from your dinosaur imaginative stories. At the end of the week each teacher will choose an excellent piece of work from their class and this will be uploaded to the website next Monday. Attached below is an example and a template you may wish to use.


Here are a selection of games that will allow your child to practise reading and sounding out words using all the sounds they have learnt.

Continue to practise letter formation and this week the focus will be on descending letters (hanging letters)

Maths and Numeracy 

This week we are continuing to practise subtraction. The focus is on subtraction language. The following worksheets will allow you to practise this as well as some subtraction word problems.


We have also included a maths worksheet on Position, direction and movement that you may wish to complete.

RSHP: Looking after plants and animals

Over the following weeks as part of our Health and Wellbeing topic we will be focussing on ‘looking after plants and animals. The PowerPoint and a document including various songs, stories and activities is attached below.

Learning Intentions 

 • Children develop their understanding of how plants and young animals grow and develop.

 • Children understand the concept of life cycle.

 • Children understand that all living things need to be nurtured and cared for.

Success Criteria 

• I know what a living thing is and what it needs such as food, growth.

• I understand that different living things have different needs.

• I understand and can name the life cycles of some plants and animals.

• I am beginning to learn what is the same and what is different about life cycles.

• I understand that some animals rely on a parent/carer for food.

• I am beginning to relate some of this learning to myself and can discuss.

Health and Wellbeing- feelings

Outdoor Learning

The worksheet below will help you with one of the tasks on the weekly grid.

All about me


This week’s PE activities have been kindly provided by Ms Griffin.

Personal Learning Profiles

Thank you for sending in the responses to the questions for the final profiles, this is greatly appreciated. If you haven’t done so and you would like to, please email your child’s class teacher with these.

Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone!

P1 team