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P1 – Learning from Home Week 12 (22nd – 26th June 2020)

Hello P1! We are now into our final week of Learning from Home for P1. We have been so impressed by the hard work, motivation and high quality learning we have been sent so far by our learners. We are very grateful for the effort and support given to the pupils from parents and carers. Thank you!

We hope that you enjoyed taking part in some of the more end of term type activities last week that, had we been in school, we would have done together. We encourage you to do some more of the activities from the End of Term – Activity Grid in your final week of P1!

End of Term - Activity Grid

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please note that school ‘closes’ at 12:25pm on Friday 26th June for the summer holidays. Remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher before then in order to allow sufficient time for the class teacher to respond to you.

Please find the week 12 Learning from Home grid attached. As always, red boxes link to an attachment which can be found below. You will find that the Learning from Home grid is lighter on the more formal learning tasks than usual and includes some more reflective, challenge and creative activities.

Week 12 Learning from Home grid

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives – woodland wonders

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives – twig hunt

Sun Safety – pack your bag

Outdoor Activity Cards

End of the year writing activity

Build a Boat Outdoor Activity Sheet

PE Learning from Home Week 12

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has continued to share weekly work with us. We wish we could be doing these fun activities with you all in person but we hope that you enjoy your final week of P1 regardless. We will be visiting the chalet to say ‘hello!’ when we return in August as we are all missing you lots. (And we are a bit envious of Miss Brown who gets to continue working with you in P2!) We wish you all the best for P2.

Miss Sherazee, Mr Blaikie, Mrs Pattinson and Miss Brown.


P1 – End of Year Virtual Service

The end of term is fast approaching and we would normally be preparing for our ‘End of Term Service’. Although it will be a little bit different this year, we can still have fun and give our P7 leavers a memorable send-off as they move on to secondary school.

The P7s have been fantastic buddies to our P1s this year. The P7s have helped settle our P1s into TPS, read stories, played during play and lunch times, encouraged friendships, entertained and comforted our P1s during their first year at school. The virtual service is a great opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to them.

What can you do?

Take a photo of yourself holding a ‘thank you/good luck/ we will miss you/ goodbye’ type of message for our P7 leavers. This will be made into a video so please ensure your message can be read clearly.

Photos are to be sent to by Wednesday 17th June.

Thank you!



P1 – Paper Aeroplane Challenge

In celebration of National Paper Aeroplane Day, here comes your weekly P1 challenge. We look forward to seeing how well you do. Good luck!

P1 Team

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paper aeroplane - aiming challenge


Hello P1!

Well done and thank you to those of you who took part in our Sports Day events. You have earned lots of house pennies for each of your houses! The winning house will be announced later in the term when we celebrate lots of achievements throughout the year. Who will be victorious?!

Please find below all the details you will need for learning from home this week. Please remember to get in touch with your child’s teacher at least once a week to share what they have been learning. Also, if you have any questions or problems please just send us an email. Please remember staff are available to you 9am-3pm every school day.

Week 8 Learning Grid

Please find the week 8 learning grid attached. It would be great if you could work through as many of these activities as possible. Some of the boxes on the grid (coloured red) link to an attachment below. Please feel free to either print these and stick into the jotter or to copy the work onto a piece of paper or jotter page.

WOW work

This week we will be focusing on writing for our WOW work. We will be choosing work from the dinosaur fact file pages. This is one of the activities on the weekly grid. At the end of the week, each teacher will choose an excellent piece of work from their class and this will be uploaded to the website on the next Monday.

YouTube Helpdesk

This week we have uploaded a video onto the P1 Helpdesk on YouTube. This video will help with some of the learning in the weekly grid. Please visit the helpdesk here:


Please remember to practise the daily activities listed in the green Learning from Home jotter and read stories to your child regularly.

This week we are consolidating consonant blends ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’ and ‘wh’.

We are also beginning to think about ascending and descending letters. Please use the following sheet to start to identify which letters are tall, small and have a tail.


You will find details of the focused reading and writing tasks under the Jurassic Playpark heading.

Maths and Numeracy

Continue to practise the daily activities listed in the Learning from Home jotter, as well as trying activities from the SEAL grids (in your child’s Homelearning jotter and provided on the P1 class page on the website).

Our numeracy focus for the coming weeks is subtraction. Visit the P1 You Tube Helpdesk to watch a video which explains this skill and gives some practical ideas of how to practise subtraction at home.

We are continuing with data handling this week, looking at how to interpret and use data from pictographs. The attachments below link to the maths and numeracy learning from the weekly grid. There is no expectation to complete all of the activities, they are there to provide some challenge and consolidation of subtraction and data handling.


Subtraction within 10

subtraction from 10 skittles

Subtraction within 10 dinosaur cards

Subtraction within 20 using a number line

Subtraction within 30 with a number line

Data Handling

Data handling – sorting activity

Dinosaur Pictograph – sorting

Topic- Jurassic Playpark

We are in to week 3 of our dinosaur topic, which has proven to be very popular with many of our learners. Read the fact file provided about dinosaurs and see if you can answer the comprehension questions. Then you can have a go at writing your own fact  page, either independently or using the template provided. Follow the links on the weekly grid for a dinosaur ‘How to Draw’, ‘Tiny the T-Rex’ Cosmic Yoga and to create a piece of art of your own. You will also see some ideas in the document below or you may have some ideas of your own.

Dinosaur fact file reading activity and example

Dinosaur fact file template

Jurassic Playpark expressive art ideas

Personal Learning Profiles

Thank you to those who have already responded to the personal learning profile questions from last week’s grid. The contributions from parents/carers and our learners are invaluable and will form part of the children’s profile of their whole school career. If you have not yet done so, we would be extremely grateful if you could answer the questions and email your home teachers with the responses.


Please find Mrs Griffin’s PE challenge for this week. She has loved seeing the photos you have sent her so far so please continue to do so.

PE Learning at Home Week 8

Once again, we are so appreciative of the hard work and effort that is taking place while Learning from Home. We love seeing photos and videos of what you getting up to. We are very lucky to be your teachers!


P1 Team

P1 Challenge – Toilet Roll Balance

Here is the next P1 Challenge. We would love to see videos of you having a go! Send them to your Class Teacher as you have been, or by using

Good luck!

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