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Update 7th May – Trinity Learners

Dear Parents and Carers

Please can you share the following with your children?  An email for parents and carers will be out tomorrow but I thought I would focus on the most important people first!

Hope you are all well

Jacqueline Scott

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Hello Trinity Learners

I’m so sorry I’ve not been in touch with you all for a couple of weeks.  The start to the term has been really busy trying to make sure that everyone is able to learn from home and has got what they need.  Your teachers and PSAs keep me up to date with what you have been learning and I am so impressed and so proud of you all.  Being able to adapt to change and take on new challenges is a really important skill that we have all had to get really good at.   I think a lot of you are actually managing a lot better than your parents and carers – perhaps you shouldn’t tell them that! Remember that everyone is trying their best so please continue to be kind and if you do have a falling out, take a wee moment and then say sorry.    As P3 shared with us last year ‘if you can’t say something nice…..don’t say nothing at all’.

I was having a look at our school diary and know that we have already had to miss out on some Trinity events.  I was so disappointed not to go to Beamish with P6 (I promise you we will still have a full day trip somewhere with tea out),  I missed seeing everyone get their school photos taken and I would have loved us to be having our VE day playground party tomorrow.  However as one of our values is the need to be creative we have been looking at what we can do from a distance …


Friday May 15th is UNIFORM DAY!    You might be thinking what?   Well, as you know we often have non uniform days in school where you get to wear what you want and donate to charity.  So, given at the moment, you are getting to wear what you want everyday, on Friday 15th May you have to wear your uniform and, if you would like, donate to charity.  Mrs Walsh has set up a justgiving page to support Steps to Hope which is a local charity supporting homeless people.   Email in a photo of yourself wearing your school uniform whilst learning from home.  We’ll put all the photos together on the website.

What about Sports day?   Well if you have been looking at the school calendar you will see that Sports Day was supposed to be on Friday May 15th.  Unfortunately we can’t actually get together to do sports but we can all still take part.  How?

On Fri May 15th we will launch our sports video.  This will explain to you different sports activities that you, and your family, can take part in during the week beginning Monday May 18th. The staff are busy making the videos at the moment (enough said!)   Our theme this year will still be matched to our whole school topic so we will be Time Travelling starting with the era of the dinosaurs up to World War 2!   House captains – I’ll set up a teams meeting for Monday May 11th so I hope you’ll be able to join in.   For every photo you send to your teacher showing yourself doing a sports activity you’ll earn a house penny.  Obviously Royston will do the best but Craighall, Melville and Argyll don’t give up trying!

This term we have been focussing on the value of perseverance.  I think all of us, your parents and carers too,  have really had to hold onto this value as we all keep going with learning and working from home, not seeing our family and friends, staying indoors and so on.  Just when I’ve been feeling a wee bit fed up and missing you all I’ve been getting photos and emails showing me and telling me what you’ve been persevering with – from learning to blow bubbles, playing sudoku, making koala pom poms (very envious), running, singing and so the list goes on.  Please do keep sending them in to  me as they always make me smile.  We’ll stick with this value for another week.

I’ve now realised this is a pretty long email so I hope you’ve managed to persevere and read it to the end.  We are all missing you but keep remembering that every new day means we are one day closer to being back in our school.  Trinity drum roll for that!

Keep safe everyone and we’ll see you soon

Mrs Scott

School Update : 1st May

Whole School News | Braidhurst High School

Dear Parents and Carers

Another week of learning, working and staying at home.  I’m not sure if, like me, some days it can be a bit harder to get motivated than others.  I know that it is exactly the same for our children.  I’m learning to go with each day as it comes and to hold onto the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel, albeit we’re just not sure how long the tunnel is.    As I write this I am listening to news that states we are passed the peak and that plans will begin to emerge as to how we come out of lockdown.  Whatever plans are put into place I am confident that our school will rise to the challenge and we will come out of this as an even stronger community.

Please note a few bits of school news below :

  • Congratulations to Argyll, our winning house from last week.  Who will win this week?
  • The website contains several links to what maybe useful resources eg Book of Hopes
  • I am aware that many of you are receiving several alerts a day re postings on the website.  Unfortunately the only way to stop these alerts is to unsubscribe from following our website and simply check it as suits.
  • Some children might be reaching the end of their learning jotter so we have placed a stock of blank jotters in the crate outside the main school entrance.  If you are out on your daily exercise you are welcome to collect one.
  • This week we have held successful parent council and TPSA meetings.  Minutes from both of these meetings will be available soon.   I continue to be extremely grateful for the ongoing support these parent / carer bodies provide both to myself and to our school community as a whole.  We are a great team!
  • We have issued paper packs of learning and some electronic devices to families as requested.  Please do get in touch if you are still unable to access learning for your child
  • Art and craft packs have been made up and will be delivered out to some families over the next few days
  • Food parcels continue on a fortnightly basis
  • Our updated creativity walls can be seen on the website.  I do apologise for the delay in getting these posted.  Please carry on sending in perseverance photos and messages to

FDF Scotland Lockdown Challenge :

Please find attached information from Scotland’s Food and Drink federation regarding a family competition that some of you maybe interested in taking part in.

FDF Scotland Lockdown Challenge information 

Communication with school :

Email and our website remain the main forms of communication with school and we are trying to ensure that relevant information is posted regularly.  Staff are also making contact through phone calls although we do find that displaying No caller ID often results in no answer.  Please bear with us and do take a call if you see this.    We have also now got a school mobile number which can be used by school staff and by parents and carers to either text or call.  The number is 07907 344059 so please save this on your contacts as Trinity mobile.

Mon 4th May is an INSET day for staff so there will be no learning from home available.  We will be using this day to continue to develop our digital skills and to evaluate how well we are doing and what we can improve.  It has been really encouraging, and a great motivator, to receive emails saying how much the efforts planning and providing a range of learning from home opportunities are appreciated.  I would like to take this chance to say a huge thanks to the Trinity staff team who have risen to this challenge with true professionalism and a commitment to getting it right for our children in such unprecedented circumstances.    They have certainly shown our value of perseverance!

Fri 8th May is a national holiday so there will be no learning from home available.  This holiday is to celebrate VE day.  Little did we know when this was agreed that the world would be in the situation we are.  Whilst in a very different way our children are living through a historical event that will give them stories to share when they are older.  Let’s keep working together to make sure that the stories they remember are the silly videos made by their family members, teachers and friends, the disastrous and successful baking efforts, the beautiful rainbows they saw in windows, the cuddling on the sofa watching three films in a row,  the amazing 100 year old man who raised £33 million pounds and by the chances they got to be kind, to be creative and to persevere.

Please keep safe and we will see you soon.

Jacqueline Scott

Building Resilience – Look on the Bright Side

Building Resilience – Stenhouse Primary Edinburgh

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New Unit

Skipper has become a big part of life at Trinity.  Our little orange friend helps take children on a personal journey to look at what influences their mental health and emotional wellbeing.  The programme provides practical strategies to help children cope with the ups and downs of their everyday lives and tools they can use when they experience difficulties, frustrations and challenging times.   A very useful tool in such unprecedented times.
This week we are launching our brand new topic, Look on the Bright Side.  The unit is launched through a PowerPoint which can be found under the Health and Wellbeing section (Curriculum for Excellence tab).