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P3 Weekly Learning Tasks 23.03.20

The weekly learning task grid shows the learning intended for the week alongside the daily tasks. Teaching input / specific activities will be uploaded throughout the week to support this learning (See P3 Website upload schedule). Try to get through as much as you can with your child, this is a new experience for all of us. As mentioned before, we are still here via email to support your child’s learning and give feedback/assess their work / provide assistance.

Good luck!

P3 Team

P3 website upload schedule

We have put together a schedule of what to expect each day on the website. Teaching input and activities will be in line with our weekly tasks uploaded on Monday. This is a provisional timetable and may change as time goes on and we find out what works, or what needs to be adapted.

The WOW wall is a chance to showcase pupil’s work from throughout the week. Each week there will be a different focus that teachers will be looking out for to upload to the WOW wall. On Friday, we will upload 2 pieces of work from each class that have stood out in accordance with the focus. The focus for Week 1 is interesting adjectives. We will be looking for children’s use of interesting/exciting adjectives to enhance their descriptive writing in their work this week.

P3 Working at home

Good luck to all the families starting our working at home journey on Monday! The P3 teachers will miss seeing the children every day but are still here to support and encourage learning. We’d all really appreciate an email from the children, a piece of free writing could be a teacher email. We may all be a bit overwhelmed next week, take time to look through the learning provided. There are no expectations to complete everything straight away. We encourage questions and would appreciate feedback. We look forward to hearing from you and your children, P3 Team.

We Need You!

Message sent on behalf of Dr. Sandeep Ramalingam MD, PhD, FRCPath

Consultant Virologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

If you have a child under 7 years of age, you may be able to help us in the fight.

The Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh are doing a study of salt water nose drops to see if it helps get rid of the cold faster.

 Your child does not need to have a cold right now to take part!

 You can join right now by calling/texting 07973657457 for an appointment to sign up and to be taught what to do the next time your child has a cold.

 Your child does not need to attend.

 Families completing the study will receive travel expenses and a £30 voucher to compensate for any inconvenience.

 Further information is in the attached flyer or at @elviskids; Facebook: ElvisKids.