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Trinity’s got talent- vote for your favourite!

We certainly have a lot of talent at Trinity PS! We’d like to say a huge well done to everyone that entered – you were so brave and confident to share your talents. The House Captains and staff thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the entries. It was extremely tough to choose just 12 finalists from a very large field!

As organisers of the event, the House Captains have chosen 12 acts to feature in our virtual ‘Trinity’s Got Talent’ video.

Watch here:

You can vote here for your favourite before 5pm on Wednesday 24th June. You can only vote once and finalists may vote for themselves!

Link to vote:


Hello P2!

Today’s task is to compare and order numbers. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of counting each day. Listen to ‘The Big Numbers Song’ on YouTube to get you thinking about numbers ranging from 0-100.

You can then complete one of the following worksheets below. You may wish to use the attached 100 square to help you.

This BBC Bitesize video may also help you to understand how we order and display numbers from the smallest number to the largest number.

P2 PHonics revision

This week we are having a look back at some sounds that we have covered in P2. Once you have watched the Alphablocks videos to remind you of the sounds – have a go at playing the game available below and try out a worksheet or a crossword to see if you can remember how to use ‘ng and ‘nk. They sound very similar so you will need to be careful! We have also added some poems using these sounds – can you find all the ‘ng’ and ‘nk’ words? If you are feeling super confident – maybe you could use some of them to write a poem of your own!

P2 – Weekly Grid (15/6 – 19-6)

Please find next week’s weekly grid to continue learning from home. Also included are some of the resources needed for some of the activities. Please also find an end of term activity grid you may wish to begin to choose from for some extra fun!

Week 11 grid

PE Homelearning Gymnastics

Life cycle of a butterfly Activity Sheet

Life cycle of a butterfly PP

Blank bookmark template

Colouring bookmark template

End of term activities


  1. The Incredibles- Mrs McLeister Hercules- Miss Henderson The Little Mermaid- Miss Watt
  2. yellow- Mrs McLeister turquoise- Miss Watt pink- Miss Henderson
  3. Dairy Milk- Mrs McLeister Crunchie- Miss Watt Double Decker- Miss Henderson
  4. Reading- Miss Henderson Shopping- Mrs McLeister Swimming- Miss Watt
  5. A- Miss Watt B- Miss Henderson C- Mrs McLeister

Have a lovely weekend!

P2 Team