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P2 Friendship tree

The P2 Friendship Tree looks great. It is full of leaves and flowers that show your thoughts and ideas on what friends are like as well as the qualities a true friend should have. We can definitely see that P2 is full of lovely, kind, thoughtful people who know how to be good friends!

P4 Work of the Week & Superstars!

P4K – Marta
Marta you are my work of the week and Trinity Superstar for your literacy work this week. You wrote clear full sentences and used connectives in each one. Your reasons were well thought out and explained. Well done!
P.S I’m not going to share them as they are for your profile 😄
From Miss Kidd
P4M – Charlie
Charlie you are my Superstar this week because of the amount of excellent pieces of work that you are sending in.  I am blown away with how well you are doing!  I’ve posted just one example of many from the last few weeks!  You are a star!
P4S – Orla
Orla, I love your use of adverbs in these sentences! There is a great sense of fun in your writing, too. Happily, I am awarding you our Superstar for this week!

P3 Tidying Challenge

Neat 'n Tidy Cleaning Services - Home | Facebook

Well done to everyone who took part in our tidying and organising challenge this week, your bedrooms, play rooms, gardens etc. look fantastic! Here are Miss Marshall, Mrs Johnstone, and Miss Graham’s efforts:

Miss Marshall tidied up her working space.
Mrs Johnstone tidied up her garden flower bed.
Miss Graham cleaned and tidied up her car.

P5 Morning Message

Good Morning P5!

Maths Today

If you log into Education City and then click on Class Work you will see that Miss Griffiths has set everyone a simple compass activity to do.


Sports Day Photos

Please continue to send in photos of you taking part in the Sports Day events. A house penny will be awarded for each event we get a photo of! I wonder which house will win!


Sumdog Competition

Well done to all of you who took part in the Sumdog Competition. P5G did very well, coming 30th out of hundreds of classes! P5C had 19 pupils taking part! This is second highest number in the whole school! P5M got a great score of 273. Well done everyone.


Superstars and Learning Grid

Later today, we will post the Superstars for each class and then the Learning Grid for next week.


Off With Their Heads!

We have seen some excellent timelines this week. Our French Revolution topic has now finished. We hope you enjoyed it and learned some interesting historical facts.


Fintastic Flippers

Next week we will be beginning a new topic all about orcas, dolphins and porpoises. We are very excited!