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2022 Starters

Aug 2022

Enrolment for starting school in Aug 2022 is now open.   This has to be completed online.  If you have a child born between 1 March 2017 and 28 Feb 2018 please complete the form or get in touch with the school office if you require any assistance.  


2021 Starters

Dear new P1 Parents and Carers

It was lovely to meet some of you and, most importantly, your children last week.   Whilst we would have preferred to have been able to show you around our school I am sure you understand that COVID restrictions prevented this.    We are hopeful that it won’t be too long until we can open our doors again and welcome parents and carers into the building.   For those of you unable to collect the book bags and information we will deliver these to nurseries or will post to homes.

Please find attached a ‘Preparing for P1’ jigsaw of ideas to help your child get ready for school.  We hope you find these helpful but please do not worry if your child is not interested or not yet able to do some of the tasks. 

School times :

Wed Aug 18th : 9.00am – 12.00noon for children with a surname beginning A – I (no school for surnames J – Z)

Thurs Aug 19th : 9.00am – 12.00noon for children with surname beginning J – Z (no school for surnames A – I)

Fri Aug 20th : 9.00am – 12.00noon for all children

From Mon Aug 23rd : normal school hours :  9.00am – 3.00pm for all children (12.00noon on Friday)


If you wish your child to be provided with a cold packed lunch on Wed 18th, Thurs 19th and / or Fri 20th August please email direct to school on

For lunches from Mon Aug 23rd please order using parentpay.  Details will be issued when your child starts school in August.

I hope you all have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you in August.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott


Dear New P1 Parents and Carers

As you are aware you are welcome to pop along to our school playground this week, on the date and time emailed to you, to collect your child’s book bag and information.    We ask that any adult attending wears a face covering, unless exempt, and remains at a 2m distance from other adults.  As I am sure you will appreciate we are working hard to minimise the risk of infection and avoid any families having to isolate and ask for your support with this.   Please note that if you would prefer not to attend in person, book bags and information will be delivered to your child’s nursery or sent to your home.

We are very much looking forward to meeting all our new P1s in August – dates and times are below.

Wed 18th Aug 9.00am – 12.00 noon : Surname A – I

Thurs 19th Aug 9.00am – 12.00noon : Surname J – Z

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott


Dear new P1 Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well.  We now have our P1 team in place and everyone is looking forward to welcoming your child to Trinity.  Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to bring our new P1s in to see their new classrooms.  However we are able to meet in the playground and allow you to collect a book bag and information.   Please see below for the date and time to visit.  If possible please come along at the time allocated as this helps us to reduce numbers and minimise the risk of infection.  We ask that one adult only accompanies their child.  

Thank you for your support with this

Jacqueline Scott


New P1 visit :

Come along to the gate in the back playground that leads into Victoria Park. This will be the gate used by P1 when they start school in August.  Staff will be there to meet you and our new Trinity pupil!

Tues June 15th

3.30 – 3.55          Surnames A and B

4.00 – 4.25          Surnames C and D

4.30 – 4.55          Surnames E – G

Wed June 16th

3.30 – 3.55          Surnames H – L

4.00 – 4.25          Surnames M – P

4.30 – 4.55          Surnames Q – S

Thurs June 17th

3.30 – 3.55          Surnames T – Z

Here is a video made by some of the current P7 leaners to aid transition into P1!

We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Thank You - Looking to 2019 — Dean Odell - Mind Reader & Magician

Dear Parents and Carers

It was lovely to ‘meet’ so many of you on Monday and Tuesday.  If you were unable to join us on TEAMS the powerpoint is available on this tab very soon.   Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

As mentioned at the meeting please find attached the All About Me template (below).  If you are able to complete this with your child and return to the admin account we would be delighted to see and read about our new P1 learners.

Please look out for further information regarding popping into our school playground at some point in the week beginning June 14th to collect your child’s starting school pack.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see below details about the meetings set up for our future Primary 1 parents and Carers. You will also find the link for these meetings that will take place on:

Monday 31st May at 11am

Tuesday 1st June at 6:30pm

These meetings will contain the same content so please only attend one! We advise that you download the Teams app prior to clicking on the link. We look forward to seeing you virtually next week.

Link for meeting on Monday 31st May at 11am


Link for meeting on Tuesday 1st June at 6:30pm


Aimi Armstrong

Acting Depute Head Teacher 


Dear P1 Parents and Carers (August 2021)

I hope you and your families are all well.  Please be assured that our plans for your child joining us in August are progressing well.   Trinity Primary staff have started to visit our feeder nurseries to meet with our new P1s and have, so far, been met with enthusiasm and very big smiles.  It is our aim get out to all nurseries before the end of term.

In normal circumstances we would hold an information meeting for parents and carers in school but, as I’m sure you will understand, that will not be possible this year so we have moved to holding the meeting on TEAMS.

A full invite will be sent out next week providing the link to enable you to join but I thought you might find it helpful to add the date to diaries now.

The meeting on TEAMS will take place on Mon 31st May from 11.00am to 12.00 and will be repeated on Tues 1st June from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.  I hope one of these dates and times will suit.

During the week beginning Mon June 14th small groups of new P1 pupils plus one adult will be invited to the playground (from 3.30pm) to collect their information packs – further details will be issued soon.

We are all looking forward to meeting with yourselves and hope that, despite COVID restrictions, you quickly feel a part of our Trinity Primary community.

Enjoy the weekend

Jacqueline Scott

Starting School 2021 | Trinity Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers of P1 Aug 2021

I hope you are well.  As we start our final term of the school year I thought you might be interested in being kept up to date with some Trinity News.  Whilst I appreciate that little of this will impact on you currently, I hope it begins to give you a sense of our school.  I am very much looking forward to your children starting their learning journey at Trinity.  Further information, including a time and date for a TEAMS meeting, will be with you shortly.  In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact school on

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

It’s the summer term, everyone is back in school (very different to last year at this time) and the sun is shining.  I really do feel that life is moving in the right direction and hope that the term ahead proves to be successful for us all.   We are still currently working within the same COVID restrictions as we were last term although I am hopeful that the next few weeks might see the start of us returning to being able to fully learn as Trinity Together.  I’m keeping everything crossed!

Please see below for some Trinity news :

Trinity’s Got Talent

Application forms will be available from Mon 26th April and must be returned by Fri 30th April.  Our house captains have explained that anyone taking part must provide their own props and music if required.  Auditions will take place from Mon May 10th with the final being ‘aired’ on Wed June 16th.  We are still in discussion with the organisers (our house captains) as to the format of this!

Rainbow school

Please take a moment to chat to your child about Trinity being a rainbow school.  We have introduced this idea to both support our learners in understanding about diversity and to take action if they hear or see any behaviours that are unkind or disrespectful. 

We all need to ‘see with our hearts, not our eyes.’

What a Wonderful World

This term our whole school will be using the lyrics from the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ to lead aspects of learning.   Classes will be looking at the four elements, at living things, climate and wildlife amongst other things. 

Reporting to parents and carers on leaners’ progress

By the end of this term all parents and carers will have received a second profile, either paper copy or through OneNote, and had a second opportunity to chat with their child’s class teacher  As always, if you have concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch via   

Class organisation for Aug 2021

We are in the process of rearranging classes for August.  The decision has been made to do this for all stages.  Please find attached a pdf regarding class organisation.  This will also be made available on our school website.   A range of criteria will be used with friendships being a key element.  I hope that you have trust in the school that we know our learners and that we want to get this right for everyone.  

A meeting on TEAMS for current P5 and P6 parents and carers will take place on Tues April 27th at 6.30pm.   Please look out for an invite.  The reason a meeting is being held is to explain how we will manage moving from 6 to 5 classes.

Sports day, Summer picnic, End of Year celebration etc

Unfortunately, as restrictions currently stand, these events will not be able to happen as they did in summer term 2019.  We are however looking at what we can do to allow us to stay within the guidance whilst still having fun.  More information will follow.

Thank you again for being so supportive, understanding and resilient.  The last year has certainly expected a lot from all of us but with kindness and perseverance we are winning!

Have a good weekend

Jacqueline Scott

Dear new P1 Parents and Carers

First and foremost a very warm welcome to Trinity Primary School.  I hope that you are all well.   Everyone at Trinity is delighted that your child will be joining our school in August and we are all looking forward to meeting them, and yourselves, as soon as possible.   Please be assured that whilst we are having to make sure our nursery to P1 transition events are in line with current COVID restrictions, we will do all we can to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.  From day one our current P1s have waved goodbye,  independently come through the school gates from Victoria Park and settled in class to learn.    Despite having very limited opportunity to visit school and meet staff, before they started in August, they have shown us how incredibly resilient, adaptable and creative they are – an absolute credit to themselves and to their parents, carers and school staff.    If, as is looking likely, similar arrangements will have to happen for our new P1s I am confident that they too will settle easily.  Please do not worry.

School closes on Thursday 1st April for our Easter holidays.  When we return for the summer term further new P1 information will be forthcoming.   In the meantime I have attached a copy of some frequently asked questions which may prove useful.   There is also a short video of our school on the school website – look under the Starting School 2021 tab.

Your child starting school is a big step and each parent and carer has their own questions and feelings about this.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself direct on or through the school admin account on  There is no daft question.

I hope you are able to enjoy a bit of a break over Easter and, yet again,  a very warm welcome to the Trinity Primary School Community.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

P1s starting with us in August 2021 are due to start school as planned.

Here are City of Edinburgh Council’s Term Dates for 2021-2022.


Registration for August 2021 closed in November 2020.

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