Starting School 2020

22nd May 2020

Is Your Child Starting School This Year? | Te Huruhi Primary School

New P1 Parents/Carers and Pupils

All About Me Sheet


Dear Parents and Carers

First and foremost a very warm welcome to Trinity Primary School.  We are very excited that your child will be joining our school and hope that they thoroughly enjoy being a Trinity Learner.  If your child is no longer going to be attending Trinity please can you let us know by emailing as a priority.  As I’m sure you’ll understand we have children on a list waiting to find out if they have a space.

Whilst these are unprecedented times and we are awaiting guidance about the practical elements of our new P1 pupils starting school in August, please be assured that we are working hard to make this a positive and supportive start for everyone.   Our usual transition activities will still take place albeit in a slightly different format.


  • Mrs Berthinussen, one of our DHTs, has ‘met’ with all nursery staff and has had the opportunity to hear about your children.  This information will assist Mrs Berthinussen in making up the P1 groups.
  • Many of you have had the opportunity to visit our school earlier in the school year and many of the children were able to go on a tour – some saw every part in great detail!   A virtual tour of the school will be available on the school website in June
  • Please see attached information from the City of Edinburgh Council about the bear transition project and an ‘All About Me’ sheet to be completed and emailed to school . These documents have also been shared by some nurseries.
  • P6 pupils are very excited to have a P1 buddy in August and are already thinking about how they can support their new friends
  • Your child will be issued with a book bag containing a message from their teacher, the name of their buddy and, very importantly, the name of the house they will be in.  Information re how to collect the book bag will be with you as soon as possible (we are just working out how best to manage this)
  • An information booklet for parents and carers will also be in the book bag
  • School uniform can be ordered online from Superlogo (based in Coburg Street).  We are hoping to offer parents / carers the opportunity to purchase previously loved school uniform items towards the end of JuneI fully understand that you may be feeling anxious about this next stage in your child’s life especially given the current situation.  However we never fail to be amazed about how resilient young people are.  As I said in an email to our parent / carer body recently, children are living through a time in history that they will tell their children and grandchildren about.  We need to make sure they have happy memories to look back on.  Your child will respond to you so, please hide any anxieties you may have,  show them your excitement about them starting school, reassure them that it will be lots of fun and tell them they will make lots of friends.

    We have added some information to our website  Please keep checking the Starting School 2020 tab for up to date information.

    Our school staff are available to help in any way we can over the next few weeks.  Do not hesitate to get in touch either through email to or by text to the school emergency mobile : 07907 344059

    I look forward to meeting you in the not too distant future



Please can you share the following with your child – thank you.


My name is Mrs Scott and I will be your HeadTeacher at Trinity.  I am so excited that you are going to be joining our school.  We call everyone who comes to Trinity a Trinity Learner, even all the adults, because all of us are learning in lots of different ways and about lots of different things at our school.   You might have seen a little yellow triangle person when you visited Trinity. We call it the Trinity Learner.  It stands for having a Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind and Healthy Respect.  You’ll find out lots more about that when you’re in school.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the bear hunt activities.

See you soon

Mrs Scott

19th May 2020

Why is Transition Important?
Moving on to P1 Information for Parents/ Carers

14th May 2020

Activities to help prepare your child for Primary 1


As you begin to think about the transition from nursery into primary 1, we have come up with some suggested activities to help to prepare your child for school. We encourage children to be as independent as possible and by working on some of these activities you will help your child to achieve this and make life easier for them (and their teachers!)

This is meant as a guide only and we fully understand that not all children will make the same progress as the same time. However, if you are looking for a few simple things to practise at home then this jigsaw would be a good place to start.

We look forward to welcoming everyone soon!

Preparing for P1 Jigsaw

Preparing for P1 Jigsaw PDF


Please check this page for all transition updates for starting school in August 2020. 
As nurseries have closed their doors, the transition process will likely look different this year.  Please be reassured that we will work in partnership with your child’s nursery to ensure this process is still as smooth as possible. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Cheryl Berthinussen
Depute Head Teacher,
Trinity Primary School



At Trinity we strive to make the transition from nursery to primary go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

Please find below the dates relating to our transition process.  These may be subject to change.  Also included are dates of some school events to which you are warmly invited.

Please take the time to read the transition leaflet below as this gives you:

  • dates
  • times
  • important information
  • contact details

Transition leaflet Nov 2019


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