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Please visit  ‘Starting School 2021’ for the most up to date Nursey to P1 Transition information.

The move from nursery to primary school is a special and important time for children, parents and carers. On moving into Primary 1, your child will experience a wealth of new and exciting experiences. Trinity Primary School recognises this and provides a nurturing, caring and stimulating environment where we encourage all our learners to be brave, try their best and to enjoy all that Trinity Primary School has to offer.

At Trinity Primary School we also understand that pupils are reassured if they have a good network of friends and people to support them and know some of what to expect so that they can adapt to challenges of a new environment. Trinity Primary does not have its own nursery.  There are over 25 feeder nurseries across the city that our pupils come from.   Trinity’s intake into P1 is usually around 80 pupils.  The school offers a smooth, supportive and structured transition from nursery to P1.

In the term prior to starting school, your child will be invited into school for a tour by older pupils. They will also be  visited in their nursery by a member of Trinity Primary School’s senior leadership team. The senior leadership team member will enjoy taking time to speak to your child and meeting the staff who have been involved in their nursery education.
In the summer term there is an evening meeting to welcome all prospective P1 parents and carers to Trinity Primary School.   Useful information regarding starting school will be shared during this meeting and parents and carers are issued with an information pack.

At Trinity Primary School we recognise that pupils need to feel ‘at home’ and secure when starting with us in August.  Following the parents and carers’ evening meeting,  the soon to be P1s are invited to meet their teacher and fellow classmates.  This is an exciting time for children and staff alike and it really helps children to settle in when they first start at Trinity Primary School.

Primary 1 pupils usually start school the day after the rest of the school and are greeted in their first week by their P7 buddy.  P7 pupils provide fantastic support to their P1 buddies throughout the year, both through planned for buddy activities and through the general everyday life of the school. The buddy system proves to be very successful each year.
At some point in the first term, nurseries are invited to send a member of staff to see how the P1s are settling in.  This is a valuable and rewarding experience for staff and pupils alike. Soon after starting school, parents are invited to meet their child’s teacher, who provides a valuable insight into the P1 curriculum.

Trinity Primary School strives to ensure that your child’s transition to our school is positive, nurtured and supported.

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