Trinity Together

Trinity Together

At Trinity Primary School, all staff and pupils are in one of 4 House Teams:

Argyll, Craighall, Royston and Melville.

Pupils benefit from the sense of identity being part of a house team. This sense of belonging is nurtured through a variety of collaborative learning experiences and opportunities that are carefully planned for.  Children receive many of their collaborative learning experiences through the Trinity Together sessions.

We have 12 Trinity Together teams in each house. We meet on Fridays and work as a group to develop our knowledge and understanding of Health and Wellbeing, Eco Schools, Rights Respecting Schools and Global Citizenship. We are giving every pupil in the school the opportunity to work together on these areas. Some of our most popular activities so far have been cooking and meeting a real baby!

We enjoy spending time in our houses and developing many skills including working with other people.