Trinity’s Chickens

18/11/20 Announcement:

There has been some outbreaks of Avian flu in parts of England, which is dangerous for birds. This means we need to take extra precautions with our two Trinity chickens!

Please could we make sure:

  • no adults or children step into the chickens’ run
  • we keep the vermin at bay by always replacing the lids on their feed
  • the chickens are cleaned out each week during the holidays (Thurs / Fri)  and the disinfectant spray is used

At Trinity, we have our very own Egginburgh Castle! Our Trinity Chickens, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, rule the roost. The children are responsible for their feeding, cleaning and egg collecting during the week, and helpful families take on the role over the weekend and holidays. See below for information on looking after the chickens.

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