POWERPOINT -big pedal powerpoint-used-by-shools

The JRSO children have registered for ‘Sustrans Big Pedal’.  This is a UK wide competition that runs from 23 April to 4 May.  The aim is to encourage as many children, parents, teachers, PSA’s to cycle or scoot to school.  The JRSO team will be coming round during that time period to log how many people do this.  I will then be logging the results with Sustrans.  When the results are logged you can see how far around the world your school can travel and also if we cycle/scoot enough we could be entered into a competition to win prizes!

Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs)

Dear  P1, P4 and P7 Parents and Carers

Please see the attached leaflet regarding the Scottish National Assessments.  Pupils in P1, P4 and P7 will participate in these this term.  As the leaflet states the assessments are designed to be part of the ongoing assessment of pupil progress and I hope will not cause any of the children any anxiety.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Martin, DHT, or your child’s class teacher.


Jacqueline Scott



Drop Offs and Pick Ups

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We have had a report from Lothian Buses about unsafe and inconsiderate parking from Trinity parents on Newhaven Road.   As I am sure you are aware there should be no double parking, no parking on the zig zag line area or across the entrance to the car park.  Please consider the safety of all the children and others and park further from the school where it is safe.  Better still, whenever possible, please walk or cycle!

Thank you