When a child starts school for the first time, they must enrol at their local catchment school.  Schools are only able to register children at this point who are in the catchment.  Parents/Carers can make an out of catchment application to the Local Education Authority if they do not wish to send their child to their local school but parents/carers must always enrol at their local school first to ensure a place for their child in a school.

Registration for children starting school in P1 normally takes place around the beginning of November to start the following August.  Please look out for information about this nearer the time. Posters are normally displayed in nurseries and libraries etc.  Parents/carers should call in to the school to register their child and are  required to bring in their current council tax letter/bill, a current utility bill and their child’s birth certificate.  At this point parents and carers will be issued with an information leaflet about the nursery / school transition process.

For general admissions across the other stages, please contact the school directly to enquire about spaces.

If you require further information regarding admission procedures please contact Mrs Boath, Trinity Primary School  Administrator on 0131 554 2062 or

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