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Trinity News: P6

Dear P6 Parents and Carers 

Further to my email outlining the situation regarding an area of our school building.  

The area requiring action involves the P6S and P6B classrooms and admin wing.   Whilst this situation was somewhat unexpected we always pride ourselves at Trinity as being up for a challenge! 

Securing a suitable space for the teaching of P6S and P6B has been a priority.  To enable P6 to continue to operate as a year group P6S, P6B and P6M will all move to Trinity Academy for the foreseeable future.   We are so lucky to be so close to our local secondary school who have already put plans into action.  They are looking forward to welcoming our P6 year group and are hoping to offer them an art, technology or home economics experience.  A real bonus to being in a secondary school.    Ms Sherazee, Ms Baker and Mr Mackay will accompany their classes along with Mr Lewis, PSA.  I am confident that having the opportunity to spend some time in what, for most of our P6 learners, will be their secondary school will actually be beneficial in the longer term.   

Mon April 24th : P6 in Trinity Primary School

Tues April 25th : P6 in Trinity Primary School

The children will have the opportunity, in small groups, to visit Trinity Academy and see their new learning spaces.

Wed April 26th : Zoo visit as planned leaving from Trinity Primary School

Thurs April 27th : P6 will move to Trinity Academy

Initially the following arrangements will be put in place from Thursday morning

8.45am P6 arrive at Trinity Primary School to be registered in the main hall.  It will be essential that ALL P6s are at Trinity Primary for 8.45am 

They will then walk across to Trinity Academy to be taught in their ‘new’ classrooms 

Breaktime – P6 will use a cordoned off area of TA playground 

Lunchtime– P6 will return to TPS to have lunch, use our own playground and return to TA at 1.15pm 

3.05pm P6 will leave TA and walk across to TPS to be dismissed at 3.10pm 

On a Friday they will return to TPS to be dismissed at 12.00pm 

It is possible that as time progresses the children will be dismissed, with parent / carer permission, direct from TA. 


Will P6 still get taught STEAM? 

Yes, they will walk over to TPS for STEAM with Mrs Walsh. 

Where will PE take place? 

PE will take place at TPS

How will I get in touch if I need a message to be given to my child? 

Please continue to do as you do now – phone TPS on 554 2062 

Will my child be sharing toilets with senior pupils at TA? 

No, P6 will be allocated toilets that only they will use. 

What will I do if I need to collect my child during the school day for an appointment? 

Please inform your child’s class teacher or our TPS school office beforehand.  We will arrange with yourself whether collection will be from TA or from TPS. 

Will P6 still be involved in whole school events? 

Yes definitely.  Whole school events will all take place outdoors and P6 will join with the rest of the school. 

Will they still get a chance to work with their buddies? 

Yes, opportunities will be planned to allow for buddy activities using the P1 classrooms and outdoors. 

I hope that the above will go some way to alleviate any concerns you may have but please do not hesitate to get in touch.  The most important factor in all of this is to ensure that our P6 learners enjoy being in their temporary environment and that they continue to make progress.   I am confident that the team at both TPS and at TA will go above and beyond to make sure that happens. 

Best wishes 

Jacqueline Scott 

Benmore: September 2022

Dear P6 Parents and Carers

With our residential visit to Benmore due to take place in September planning is underway.

Over the next few days please look out for an email indicating the balance now due for payment.  Several families have been in touch requesting financial assistance.  Please do get in touch if this is something you wish to discuss.

Pupils have been issued with a KIC form – this needs to be completed and returned to school as soon as possible

Attached is a suggested clothing list

A meeting will take place in school on Tues 23rd August at 6.00pm to share arrangements and answer any questions.

In the meantime please do check out the Benmore website and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Show Time!

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Dear P7 and P6 Parents and Carers

One more sleep to the performance of Colour Our World!  I hope you are looking forward to what, I am sure, will be a great evening.  We have got everything crossed that there will be no rain and no wind but given we can’t control the weather please do dress to be sitting outdoors in whatever comes our way.   The show will go on!  

Tues 24th – tickets will be issued.   Please note it is one ticket per child – the ticket will indicate how many people it will admit.  Any mistakes simply give us a call or drop us an email –

Wed 25th – stage, lights and sound system being set up in the fenced area at the back of the school from 8.00am.

P7 and P6 pupils are asked to arrive at school by 6.00pm.

The gates to the ‘festival’ will open for ticket holders from 6.10pm.  Entrance will be from the park.   Our P6 front of house helpers will be on hand to meet and greet and sell refreshments and souvenirs.   Payment is by cash only – look out for the payment stations where you will swap cash for tokens.  The tokens can then be used at the stalls.  

There will also be an opportunity to have a look at the fabulous personal projects completed by our P7 learners.   Toilets will be available in the main school building. 

The show will begin at 7.00pm

This is the first (and might be the only!)  time that we have put on our P7 show outdoors so please do bear with us if things are not quite as smooth as we would hope.   The staff and children have put huge amounts of effort into the evening and I am so incredibly proud of them all.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

P6 & 7 Show Info

Dear P6 Parents and Carers

As you are aware the P7 show ‘Colour Our World’ is taking place on Wed May 25th at 7.00pm.  Gates will open from 6.10pm for the audience.

Our P6 learners provide incredible support for the show by producing tickets, organising refreshments, making souvenirs etc as well as being the choir on the evening.  It is a great opportunity for them to be a part of this in preparation for their own P7 show.

I am really hoping that all P6 learners will be able to come along on the evening.   We are in the process of allocating jobs – entrance gate, selling refreshments, taking people to seats – and rehearsing the songs.  T shirts for P6 have been designed and are currently being printed.  On the evening these should be worn along with black leggings or trousers.   P6 should arrive at school for 6.00pm if possible.

P6 parents and carers are very welcome to purchase tickets through Parentpay.  It has always been a great evening in the past and I have no doubt that this year will be the same. 

Thank you for your support

Jacqueline Scott

P6 Skiing and Outdoor Learning

Dear P6 Parents and Carers

I am delighted that our out of school visits will be starting up again after the Easter holidays with P6 going to Hillend to ski or for outdoor learning.   Please complete on parentpay if you haven’t yet done so.    

Dates and Times :

Mon 25th, Tues 26th, Thurs 28th : leaving school at 9.30am and returning at approx. 2.40pm

Fri 29th April : leaving school at 9.00am and returning at approx. 12.30pm (later time than usual dismissal)

Transport :

Private hired coach

Clothing :

Warm outdoor wear.   If skiing GLOVES must be worn.

Lunch :

Packed lunch required on Mon, Tues and Thurs

Many thanks to those parents / carers who have offered to help.  Please can you let us know who you are as I forgot to add name to the form!

Many thanks

Jacqueline Scott

P6 Skiing/Pentland Outdoor Learning Parent Helpers

Dear P6 Parents and Carers

As we start to venture out of school again we are looking forward to having parent and carer helpers to accompany the classes.  Please complete and submit the form below.

Many thanks

Jacqueline Scott  | Head Teacher | Trinity Primary School

Tel 0131 554 2062 (direct dial 85631) | Email : 

Website :

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P5-P7 HWB Census Info

How to Create FAQs That Turn Prospects into Customers

Dear P5 – P7 Parents and Carers

We have had a few queries regarding the HWB census that all schools have been asked to carry out.  Please see the link below for further information.  We have also added a tab onto our school website where you can see FAQs etc.  It is hoped that completing the survey will not cause any undue anxiety.  It has been designed for primary pupils and is being used across the country.

Thank you for your support

Jacqueline Scott