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Good morning ,

Just before we go on holiday, we wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm and a huge well done to parents and carers for supporting you in your learning. We have all really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing.

Our next whole school focus is CREATIVITY so we would like to see how creative you can be over the Easter holidays. The P2 staff have made an excellent start already. We have shared our spring pictures below to give you some inspiration… we were all very impressed by the fox that Ms Ettles painted! We are looking forward to seeing all of your efforts!

Have a Happy Easter everyone,

The P2 Team

Happy Holidays

Please pass onto your children


Colorful cute Easter eggs clipart set

Good morning Trinity Learners

It’s the final day of ‘school’ for this term and we all go on our Easter ‘holidays’ at 12.25pm today.  I have been so impressed with how well you have been managing your learning from home.  Some of you have possibly managed to complete a lot more than you do in school.  Just wait till we get back!

Over the next couple of weeks remember to continue with our value of kindness.  This is so important as we move into week three of staying safe and staying indoors.  Some of you might be getting a bit fed up with this but having rows with your family will just upset everyone.  Keep remembering we’re all in this together and the people who are caring for you might also be feeling a wee bit fed up.  Help them by being kind or by saying something kind.  A cuddle is always welcome.  Ms Pattinson will be updating our kindness wall from this week so check out the website.

Our next focus is CREATIVITY so the break from schoolwork might give you a chance to get creative about how to enjoy holidays in the house.  You might be able to decorate boiled eggs or make an Easter bonnet or build an indoor den or make Spring pictures.   I think I might set up an Easter egg  hunt in our house (and then we can eat what we find).  Remember to send in an email and photos and we’ll start a Creativity wall.

I really did miss our Easter service that should have happened yesterday.  However, if you were thinking you weren’t going to be able to enjoy singing Spring Chicken then check out our version on the website.  Thank you to those of you who managed to send in a contribution, thank you to the teachers for their contribution – including some props) and a HUGE thank you to Ms Chalmers for putting it all together.   As you read this please give Ms Chalmers a Trinity Drum roll!     There is also a virtual Easter assembly powerpoint to have a look at.

Enjoy your ‘holidays’ and we will see you back at ‘school’ on Tuesday 21st April ready for the term ahead.  I’m already thinking about how we can collect house points on the website so you might be able to earn some from home.  One point is fab, two points is when you go ‘above and beyond’.

Missing you all but holding onto the fact that it won’t be too long until I’m back at our front door saying good morning to you all (even if some people forget to say good morning back!)

Keep safe everyone and have a Happy Easter.

Mrs Scott


Jacqueline Scott


Trinity Primary School

Newhaven Road

Edinburgh EH6 4QA

Tel No 0131 554 2062

P2 Problem Solving

Instead of a worksheet for you to do today, we have set you a problem solving challenge. Can you work out how to do it? Send in your answers for us to see!

Here is a picture of four numbers placed in squares on a circle so that each number is joined to two others.

Four numbers positioned on a circle as if they were at the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions of a clock face. Reading around in a clockwise direction from the 12 o'clock position, the numbers are: 2, 4, 9, 1

What do you see? What do you notice?

Choose four numbers from this list: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to put in the squares so that the difference between joined squares is odd.
Only one number is allowed in each square. You must use four different numbers.
What can you say about the sum of each pair of joined squares?

What must you do to make the difference even?
What do you notice about the sum of the pairs now?


As you all know, we enjoy a sing-song at Trinity. Although we cannot be together in person for our Easter Service on Friday, we are hoping to share in some Easter fun which will take the shape of an iMovie featuring your teachers and some of you too.

How you can feature in our virtual Easter Service:

  • Record yourself singing/ dancing along to part of Spring Chicken
  • Send it to Miss Chalmers through email or WeTransfer using the email address:
  • Check that your parent/carer gives permission for it to be part of an iMovie that will be posted on the school website.


Primary 2 Parents/Carers: Help with Spelling and Phonics

During these tricky times ‘ Learning from Home’ is becoming part of our daily lives and many of you will be trying to establish routines quite different from before. For Primary 2 parents this is an even harder task as your child is still very reliant on adult support.

Reading and writing is so important at this stage and so I have attached a link to a useful website that your child can watch each day and will help explain phonics in more detail :

Fabulous Frogs Storytime - Read Write Inc Fred Frog, HD Png ...
Fred the Frog

I have also copied a Sound Chart that you can go over with your child each day in order that they keep up their single sounds and double sounds recognition.

Every day – go over this sound chart. MTYT – My Turn Your Turn

Many of you may already listen to ebooks and Audible is offering free subscriptions for the next few months. I highly recommend trying this out! Just go to:

Stories Clipart Listening - Audio Books Kids , Transparent Cartoon ...

In the following weeks try out the website and become familiar with the Sound Chart.

Good Luck

Kirsten Jackson (Support for Learning Teacher)