House System

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Our House System

We have four houses at Trinity: Craighall (yellow), Royston (red), Melville (blue) and Argyll (green). All staff and pupils are assigned a House when they arrive at Trinity.

Each house have House Captains who are elected each year by their house.

Congratulations to the P7 pupils who were elected House Captains by the pupils.

Some of our house captains many responsibilities are to count house points, organise house events, give new ideas to houses, make displays, announce points. House points are awarded for good work, effort, behaviour and teamwork. The winning house is presented with a shield at the end of the year and has a celebratory special event.

During the term, we have regular “House Events” from art extravaganzas to treasure hunts. Pupils work together in mixed age groups and siblings are always in the same house.

We regularly meet up with the rest of our house team mates for learning opportunities and fun experiences. This year our house events are related our school value: Respect, Kindness, Perseverance and Creativity.

At our yearly Sports Day we work in House teams to win extra points for our house. At the end of sports day, we have a race where we play against the clock rather than aiming to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

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