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P6 session 2019-2020

Getting it right for P6

Session 2019 / 2020

Some of you will be aware that this session we have had a slightly different approach to the way we teach in P6 (and in P7).   Our learning spaces for P6 and P7 have moved away from a more traditional classroom to a learning environment more in keeping with the 21st century.  From August 2019, our current P5 pupils will be taught in the P6 wing (beside the staffroom) and in one of our current P2 classrooms.  This will be furnished with new style furniture during the summer holidays. It is likely that our P6 wing and newly furnished P6 room will be ‘shoe free’ zones.

With these transformed spaces, comes transformation in the way the children are taught.  This change allows us to develop independence in our learners, whilst giving them more opportunity for personalisation and choice and, importantly, more focussed teaching

  • Each child will have a key adult as their main point of contact – their named teacher.  This name was shared with you last week.
  • The named teacher will have responsibility for learning profiles and meeting parents. Children will register with them but learn in a variety of groupings and individually.
  • Throughout the week the children will have the chance to work in the different learning spaces with the P6 teaching team.   This will develop personalisation & choice and independence and allow for focussed teaching, appropriate to learner needs.
  • In all year groups there is a wide range of abilities, learning styles and personalities.  Whatever the composition of a learning group it is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure every child is making good progress.
  • Children are taught based on their progress through the learning pathways for numeracy and literacy and the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Teachers plan collaboratively to ensure that all children have a broad, general experience.
  • Effective use will be made of the expertise and skills of each of the members of the teaching team.

There are benefits to the children of having different adults to relate to.

“I have enjoyed having more than one teacher. When one of the teachers is busy with a group you can go to the other for help.”

“Having more than one teacher has been good as they each have different strengths.”    Current P6 and P7 pupils

We continue to be excited about the year ahead.  Developing learning and teaching within stimulating, modern environments fit for the 21st century, will enable us to continue to equip our learners for the ever changing world that we all live in. 


To allow parents and carers an opportunity to meet to discuss the year ahead and to raise any concerns, a meeting has been planned for Tues August 20th at 6.00pm.