How to get Involved

There are lots of really easy ways to get involved in the PSA’s fundraising activities for school. Whether you want to become a member of the committee or simply help out occasionally at events, every little helps! Follow our Facebook page for the latest event information or sign up to our mailing list and we’ll get in touch when we need helping hands!

Here are some of the easy ways you can support:

Help out at events
We’re always looking for helpers to support our events. Helping out is lots of fun and a great way to meet other parents, carers and teachers from school. And you don’t have to give up lots of time. Even an hour is a huge help!

Donate preloved uniforms
If you’ve got any preloved school uniform items that are in good condition please donate them to the PSA. It’s a great way for us to raise money whilst helping other parents save money! We’ve found it’s hard to sell on plain shirts and polo shirts as they can be picked up so easily in supermarkets these days. So ideally we’re looking for skirts, pinafores, trousers, shorts and branded jackets, jumpers and polo shirts. Just drop off your donations at the school office and we’ll pick it up.

Home baking donations
Where would we all be without a cake stall? Home baking is a consistent fund raiser during the year. From the simplest tray bakes to the more exotic creations, they all go down well with the children and families.

Become a club organiser
Do you have a skill you could pass on? A craft, sport or other talent? Whatever it is, why not ask the PSA about taking a class after school.


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