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P1 Home-learning

Have a go at some of these tasks at home this week if you can!

Literacy – Can you play ‘I Spy’ using the sounds we have learned in P1 so far (s,a,t,p,i,n)? Have a look inside and outside for things beginning with those sounds.
Numeracy – Practise counting collections of objects around your house and outside. Can you put them into groups to make it easier to count? What happens if you put them in a long line? Can you count them forwards and backwards?
Health and Well-being – have a look at your surroundings, from your window or if you are out and about. What can you see, feel, hear, smell? Can you draw a picture of what you see? Think about the colours you will use to show that it is Autumn.

P1 & 2 Reporting to Parents

Dear Parents/Carers

Reporting to Parents 
Between now and Christmas, you can expect a written update on your child’s progress and learning.   Each week, a small group of children will be the ‘focused’ children allowing us to observe your child closely while they play and learn to find out more about their interests and how they are progressing.  To reduce documents being sent home from school, we will be using Class Notebook on Microsoft Teams to share the written profile with you.   This will include snapshots to show your child’s learning as well as comments from the teacher and child relating to progress and observations.  You will only be able to view your own child’s profile.  A short (5 minutes) follow up parent consultation phone call will be arranged following the written profile.  You will receive an additional letter with all relevant dates specific to your child.Prior to the profile, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have using the parent/carer communication page on Class Notebook. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the profile for you to include your comments.  
Your child’s Office 365 password will be sent home in Homelearning Jotters. Once you have accessed Microsoft Teams,  you will findClass Notebook.  For support with this, please see the attached written guide and video links below.  These will also be available on the school website, under the class page. If you continue to have problems, please contact myself or the school admin account for further assistance. 

How to access Class Notebook on an ipad:

How to access Class Notebook on an computer:

Weekly homelearning tasks will be posted on the ‘General’ channel on Teams from next week.  Primary one and two pupils will not be expected to complete homelearning online (unless during isolation periods).   Please use the learning at home jotter (sent home this week) to complete any written tasks. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Cheryl Berthinussen

Depute Head Teacher

Trinity Primary School

0131 554 2062

Learning in P1

We have had a great start to P1 this year and we are really enjoying seeing all the children progress in their learning. Thank you for all your help and support so far! Our MADD about Superheroes topic has been great fun but the P1s have also been experiencing learning in phonics and numeracy, as well as health and wellbeing. For information about how learning happens in P1, please watch the video below.

P1 – Thank you message

All of the P1 teachers would like to say a huge thank you to the P1 pupils and parents/carers for their support, kindness and generosity over the last few months. We have really appreciated all of the supportive messages we have been sent and the positive feedback we have had. We would also like to say a massive thank you for the very kind gifts that were delivered to school last week from the whole year group, and also for the individual cards and gifts we have also received. We feel very grateful and would like you to know that it is very appreciated.

We have had the best year with P1 and are very proud of the Trinity Learners they have become. Although we are sad not to be able to say goodbye in person, we know that they will continue to be just as brilliant in P2! We wish you all a lovely and restful summer holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back in some capacity in August.

Best wishes from the P1 Team,

Mrs Pattinson, Mr Blaikie, Miss Sherazee and Miss Brown


P1 2019/2020 Farewell video

Hello Primary 1. We hope you enjoy watching this video and we would love to hear what your favourite memories of Primary 1 were. We have had an absolutely amazing year teaching you all and we want to wish you all the very best for Primary 2. Keep up the hard work and have a fantastic summer.


P1 Team