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Trinity News : Friday 8th January 2021

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Dear Parents and Carers

Week one of 2021 done and dusted!   It certainly hasn’t been without its challenges but I am hoping that all the effort and hard work put in by school staff this week will see learning from home on Monday go smoothly (or as smoothly as technology allows us!) for everyone.     Please do remember that school remains open every day for some children, and staff are planning, preparing, delivering and assessing both learning from home and in school.   There will be times when your child’s teacher will indicate on TEAMS that they are the teacher in school for that week – please bear with them.

All of our year groups will be using Microsoft Teams to share online learning.  As previously shared, to access TEAMS you will need your child’s office 365 account and password.   These have been sent out.   Class teachers will post suggested timetables, learning activities and provide feedback for your child.  Staff will aim to respond to pupils, parents and carers by the end of the next working day.   Please do look at your child’s class page and our school website for support on how to access Teams. There is also information on how to manage sharing a device,  as well as how an Xbox or Playstation can be used as a device. If you have any questions please contact

I do not doubt that we will face some issues over the next few days so be prepared to take lots of deep breaths.  We can do this!

Starting on Monday there will be a time for a ‘book and a biscuit’ for each class every day from Monday to Thursday.   This will provide an opportunity for the children and their teacher to hear and see each other.  We ask that parents and carers ensure children follow the correct protocols when online!   

Times are

P1: 11.00am

P2: 12.00noon

P3G : 2.30pm

P3M&W : 2.00pm

P4M :  9.30am 

P4W and P4B : 10.00am

P5 : 2.00pm

P6 : 11.30am

P7 : 1.30pm

Other opportunities for children and staff to ‘meet’ will be indicated through teams.

I hope that you are able to ‘switch off’ over the weekend and that Monday goes well.   Our children are incredibly resilient and have already shown how they can cope with change and take things in their stride.    Be kind to yourself,  do what is right for you and for your child and try hard not to allow learning from home to cause upset and distress to anyone.  Please do not worry about any ‘gaps’ – if children are happy and loved any ‘gaps’ can be filled.

We’re here to help.

Stay safe

Jacqueline Scott

Trinity News : 7th January 2021

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Dear Parents and Carers

First, and most importantly, I hope that you are all well.  Second, I hope that we all have a Happy, Healthy and Vaccinated 2021!  Third, if you are feeling at all anxious about learning from home please try not to worry.  We’re very much in this together, we’ve done it before and we can do it again!  As I have said many times our school values of creativity, respect, perseverance and kindness will stand us in good stead.   What our children continue to need from us is reassurance that things will return to normal and that this is simply a period in life that they will look back on and remember.  They are very much living through a time in history!

Our in – school hub is up and running and I am indebted to school staff who have taken this on with enthusiasm and commitment.   As explained before the holidays space in the hub is allocated to children where both parents / carers are keyworkers with application being made online.  As I am sure you will appreciate space is limited and we are tasked with ensuring that allocation is fair and equitable.  This has meant that some applications have been turned down.     

School ‘returns’ on Monday January 11th and staff are busy preparing as I write this email.  Our platform for learning will be Microsoft TEAMS from P1 – P7.    Please look out for more information tomorrow.   We have tried to take into consideration the feedback from the Parent Council survey following the summer term of learning from home.  Ipads will be distributed to those who have indicated they have no digital access at home.  Paper packs for learning will also be available although we are encouraging, where possible, that a digital approach is used. We need to work towards ensuring that all our children have digital skills for now and for their future.

As we move into this next period we are very aware that home circumstances are different for everyone.  Whilst some families may prefer set times for learning, others prefer a more flexible approach, some children have their own device, whilst others share with other family members, some children are incredibly independent and self motivated, others need a little (lot!) more encouragement.  Please do what is right for your family.  We are here to help and support and simply ask that we all treat each other with kindness.  Staff are also juggling home life with work. 

The last few months have certainly been quite a rollercoaster for us all but I am optimistic that we are on the final stretch – it’s just that the finishing line has been moved back a bit!

Please take care of yourselves and remember we can, and we will, do this.

With very best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Trinity News : 22nd December

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Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers

This has certainly been quite a year.  Little did we think when we started 2020 that it would bring with it what it has.   It will definitely be a year to remember.  I hope that memories from Trinity for our families will be positive (in the best sense of the word) ones :  rainbows in windows, the sharing of funny videos, learning from puppets, toilet roll juggling, virtual marathons, MADD about Heroes, our Rainbow party, Christmas fun to name but a few.   As we look forward to 2021, we know that whatever comes our way with perseverance, respect, creativity and, most of all, kindness, nothing will beat us. 

I would like to take this chance to say a huge thank you to everyone in our school community.  Trinity is very special and I am so proud to be HeadTeacher of such an amazing school.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope a happy, healthy and vaccinated 2021!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott