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Give the weeds some welly at our Secret Garden maintenance day – Sunday 8th October

Garden-clip-art-border-free-clipart-images-7We would be delighted if you could join us on our SECRET GARDEN MAINTENANCE DAY on SUNDAY 8th OCTOBER 2017  to help us give the weeds some welly!
A wet summer has produced a lot of growth, there is bindweed to battle, bramble and willow to tame, raised beds to weed and repair and redundant materials to clear in a prime area that lends itself to a sheltered learning space.
Please put this date in your diary and bring along a few hand tools if you can. If you can’t manage the whole day then come along for a while, even for a couple of hours as definitely a case of the more the merrier – experienced or not!
Children are welcome to come along and help too, there will be some fun activities to keep them occupied!

We’ll put on refreshments and snacks to keep everyone going so come along and help to give this lovely space a big push in the right direction. Get in touch (see contacts below) so we know how many biscuits to bake……….

Please let us know whether you are able to come along by contacting us at;

Trinity wildflower meadow

Last May, our Primary 2 children sowed the seeds for our beautiful wildflower garden situated at the back gates of the school.  We hope you have enjoyed admiring it!  Have a look at the photos below to see the transformation from seed to meadow.

Victoria Park Meadow 18.09.2017


Classes for Session 2017-2018

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers

Please see below for details about staffing from August 2017.  We are delighted to welcome new staff to Trinity – Cara Gordon and Emma Henderson will both be joining us from South Morningside and Katie Sharp from London.  Debbie Neish and Joanna Millar are newly qualified teachers who will be starting their teaching careers in Trinity.  Pupils currently in P1 and P2 have had the chance to spend some time with their new classmates and everyone enjoyed meeting and making new friends – new class lists for P2 and P3 have been given to the children.

All of the children will have the opportunity to meet their class teacher in their new classroom on Tuesday 20th June.

Mrs Woodruff will be going on maternity leave from August.  We look forward to seeing her back at Trinity with Baby Woodruff in the not too distant future!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Jacqueline Scott


Current From Aug 2017 Current From Aug 2017

Cheryl Berthinussen

Debbie Neish

Alison Keillor

Carly Pattinson

Rebecca McKenzie

1S 3 x new P2 classes

2K Karen Walsh

2W Jennifer Wilson

2J Fiona Johnstone

4W 5S Katie Sharp
1M 4C 5B Graeme Blaikie
1C/N 5/4P 6/5D Tracey Dick
2/1M 5W 6J Joanna Millar
2/1M 3 x new P3 classes

3M Hazel McKinnon

3Mc Helen McLeister

3H Emma Henderson

5B 6M Natalie Mack (Curtis)
2J 6G P7

Hannah Watt

Aisling Griffiths

3M 4G Cara Gordon 6H
3W 4S Shireen Sherazee 7D Pastures new at Secondary School
3S 4C Claire Campbell 7W


Music and Technology Gillian Chalmers
Supporting learning – newly qualified teacher support, nurture, support for learning, outdoor learning Kirsten Jackson, Naomi Hutchinson, Laura Nisbet, Seaneen Horan, Amber Ashraf, Natascha McLean
PE Mandy Griffin


Mary’s Meals


At Trinity we have been collecting change for the fabulous charity Mary’s Meals to help feed children in Malawi. We will continue to collect change until Friday 14th October and any donation is welcome.

We managed to raise over £500 which will go towards making a huge difference to so many hungry children and families.  Well done Trinity, you are all amazing.


Well done to our fantastic choir who performed at the Trinity Academy Vocal concert last week. All cluster school choirs took part. It was a fantastic event. What a talented group of singers we have atTrinity!

Collection for Calais

Update: October 2016


Please see below a message from Torin’s mum about our collection for unaccompanied minors currently living in the Jungle in Calais:

packing-the-parcels      calais-census
‘Trinity Community, your response was just AMAZING, huge thank you to everyone who donated. I would have liked to get some photograph’s of the HUGE quantity before any packing, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as we had very little time to get things posted to Danny and Jo before they left for their first trip.
At the beginning of last week, Torin and I packed close to 40 kilos of fantastic waterproofs, gloves, scarves and a fabulous collection of hats! 

Danny and Jo started their first journey by coach and ferry last Friday
afternoon. I have received news from them over the weekend, they are planning to share more about their experience when they return. This coming week Torin and I will be packing up once more, the same quantity. I plan to take any surplus to RE ACT, (Refugee Action) in time for their Jumble Sale next weekend.
Just want to add a huge thank you to a the fabulous staff team at TPS, for supporting Torin’s desire to be proactive and make a difference,
What a fantastic ‘life learning experience’ that is for all our children!

Very Best Wishes,
Annette ‘