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Trinity News : Friday 9th October 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers

We have now been back at school for nine weeks and, whilst I had so hoped we were going to make it to the October holiday without a positive case, I was not surprised when we were notified yesterday.  Thank you so much to the families affected for their understanding and support.  The most important thing is for those involved to make a full and speedy recovery and we wish them well.  

These times certainly bring their challenges and, as I am sure you will appreciate, we are unable to offer a ‘premium’ service at the moment.   Everyone at Trinity is working hard to make sure that the children feel happy, supported and are able to learn but there are some things that cannot happen – we are working on a limited menu to quote a local restaurant!   To this end I wanted to clarify the children watching cartoons, if they want, whilst they eat lunch.   With staggered lunchtimes,  bubbles of children and adults who we are trying hard not to mix, limited PSA support and playground zones this helps in making sure that everyone has had their lunch and a chance to play outside.   I ask for your understanding with this.

Road Safety

Several children, particularly those in the upper years, are crossing directly from the end of Dudley Gardens to access Victoria Park.  Please can you remind children to walk along to the crossing patrol guide outside school.  Unfortunately it is not possible to relocate our crossing guide.

Pulling in and parking, even for a very short period of time, on the zig zag lines directly outside school continues to be a problem and is a danger to pupils.   Please stop and park safely for everyone.


Whilst our usual Halloween discos will not be possible we are still hoping that the children can have fun and enjoy dressing up.   Children are welcome to come to school on Friday October 30th dressed in Halloween costumes, if they wish.  To minimise any possibility of infection please do not allow your child to bring in any props or items that they may share – wands and owls will have to stay at home for this year!   

Reporting to parents and carers

Feedback from our use of Twitter as a means of sharing what and how children are learning continues to be very positive.  Along with this some parents and carers will have received a written profile or progress information through One Note and / or a phone call from a member of staff.  Do not worry if you have not yet received either – staff are working through everyone between now and Christmas.  Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed.  Reporting to parents and carers will be an agenda item at our next Parent Council mtg on Tues 27th October.  

Staffing update

Felicity Martin, who has been with us as Interim Depute HeadTeacher,  will be leaving Trinity on Friday Oct 16th to take up a post as Depute HeadTeacher at Ferryhill Primary.  Mrs Martin has been a great support to staff and pupils in her time with us and has very quickly become a part of the Trinity team.  We wish her all the very best in her new post and look forward, at some point, to being able to meet together again.  

Many of you will know that Carly Pattinson went on maternity leave a few weeks ago.  She is now a very proud mum to Maisie.  We are looking forward to being introduced to Maisie on Teams next week.  

As we head into a period of further restrictions let’s hold onto being kind to ourselves and take each day as it comes. It is certainly quite a journey we are on.   I certainly couldn’t have predicted last October that a child in my school would pass me and say ‘I like your mask Mrs Scott’ without batting an eyelid!

I hope you have a restful weekend

Jacqueline Scott


Christmas Card Design

15 Awesome Christmas Cards to Make With Kids - You Baby Me Mummy

Hello Parents and Carers

Our names are Eden, Ella, Kaio and Nina-Rosa and we are in P6.  We are helping to organise the Christmas Card design competition this year.   Next week in class everyone will get the chance to design a Christmas card.   Once all the designs are completed they will be sent to a company who will print them onto card.  You will get the chance to buy your own child’s Christmas card design and help to raise funds for our school.   Before we send away the designs we are going to judge them and choose a wining design from each class.  Look out for further information in the future.

Thank you for reading our message

Eden, Ella, Kaio and Nina-Rosa

Trinity News : 28th September

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Dear Parents and Carers

The start of another school week and we continue to see really positive attendance figures from pupils and staff.  I am hoping that, overall, it is an indication that everyone is keeping well.   Our Rainbow Party was a great success.  Seeing all the children come into school wearing bright colours and with a sense of excitement was so heartening.  In true Trinity fashion the sun shone for us and everyone had a chance to dance and play outside, to make a rainbow scratch art magnet, to watch our MADD about Heroes learning videos and to enjoy an ice lolly.   A great morning (with the added bonus of a long weekend!)

I hope that you found the Meet the Teacher videos on the website helpful.  Information regarding how to access Teams has now been issued to each class.  I am aware that we have had a few teething IT issues with this but we are hoping that these have now been resolved.  Please do get in touch through  if you are experiencing difficulties.

We are hopeful that school will continue to operate at 100% but we need to be prepared in case we do face either a class or classes having to isolate.  If this were to happen teams will be our main form of communication.  As happened during lockdown we were able to provide digital devices for families to use who had no access to a device at home.   Teams can be accessed through a computer, phone, certain gaming devices, tablet but please do let us know (phone school on 0131 554 2062 or email admin account) if you have no access to any device and would require support from school.

Updates :

Keeping everyone safe

With news that infection rates are rising again it is so important that we stick with the guidance. 

  • No adults are allowed onto school premises during the school day.  This includes our school playground.  Our aim is, as far as is possible,  to minimise contacts and keep children and adults in school within a class or a year group ‘bubble’.
  • Both outside and inside the school gates adults must be socially distanced. We ask again that only one adult comes into the school playground to collect a P1 or P2 child, that the adults wears a face covering if they are able to and that you exit the playground as quickly as possible.  
  • Given it can be difficult to distance immediately at the school gates I would suggest that parents and carers collecting children also wear a face covering to keep both themselves and others safe.
  • If waiting in line in the park please ensure that other park users are able to move through the park safely and quickly

Outdoor learning – The children will be learning outdoors every day.  As the weather begins to get colder please do make sure that your child has suitable clothing.   For the foreseeable future PE will continue to happen outside.  Your child’s teacher may suggest that on PE days children come to school dressed in outdoor PE kit.

Lost property – we now have a significant number of items of clothing that have been washed and put into storage.  Unnamed sweatshirts, cardigans, black denim jacket, hoodies etc are all regularly being left in the playground or in classrooms.  If you are able to use any particular items please just drop us an email.  It is hoped that we will be able to operate a preloved uniform sale outdoors in the not too distant future. 

Playground and Lunch supervision – to help with supervision of lunches as well as play support in the playground we have made a few changes.  P2, P4, P5 and P6 pupils will now go outside to play before returning to the classroom to eat their lunch.   Pupils in P1, P3 and P7 will eat first and then go outside.  This will allow 20 minutes for eating of lunch which we are hoping will cut down on food waste.  Whilst the children are eating in the classroom, they may watch a DVD or other appropriate programme. 

External support staff – the initial weeks of the school year have seen very limited input from external support staff as advice has been for them to work from home whenever possible.  This has meant that speech and language therapists, educational psychologist, additional support for learning staff , English as an additional language teacher etc have been unable to come into school.  However we are delighted that changes to guidance now mean that these partners will be able to support in school.  Please bear with us as we manage the back log of referrals and work to get all our supports back in place. 

Thank you again for your support.  Our values remain constant at Trinity and although not able to gather as a school we continue to encourage perseverance, creativity, respect and kindness.   At our Friday assembly we have recently shared a video of two squirrels persevering over an obstacle course and the amazing video of Derek Redmond at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.   If you have a few minutes they are both worth watching!  The second one definitely left a lump in the throat.

Please do get in touch if you have any concerns.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Office 365 guide for parents and carers

Microsoft 365 Roadmap - Home | Facebook

Dear Parents and Carers

As my previous email stated we will be using Teams as a means of communicating learning both in school and if we have any classes requiring to isolate.   Please find attached a guide to using Office 365 and Teams.  If you experience any difficulties do not hesitate to get in touch with school by emailing

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott