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Trinity News : June 16th including school hours survey

Dear Parents and Carers
I hope your week is going well.  Unfortunately, despite a strong level of support for the Scotland team things did not go as well as they had hoped.  Fingers crossed for the next game or for all the other teams supported by Trinity learners.  It was lovely to see a range of colours being worn on Monday. 
Picnic in the playground :Mon 21st : P1, P5 and P6 (P7 to Wardie Bay)Tues 22nd : P2, P3 and P4Dress : ‘Summer in Scotland’ picnic wearFood : bring a picnic or enjoy school lunch outside (please remember to cancel if you have ordered on ParentpayIce Cream : thank you to those who have already ordered and, in some cases, paid a bit more – if you wish your child to enjoy an ice cream please order on parentpay
Meet the Staff TeamNew classes and staff will be shared with the children by the end of Monday 21st.  Apologies for the delay with this but we are still awaiting confirmation of staffing.  Each child will be issued with a sheet showing the Staff Team for their stage.  Their main teacher will be indicated on the sheet as well as other staff who support learning.  We have worked hard to ensure that friendships and learning are key criteria in the making up of the classes.   It is hoped the children will have the opportunity to meet their new class and teacher, outside, on Wednesday 23rd.  
School hoursThe start of the school session will see our school hours remaining as they have for this year.   These hours will remain in place whilst COVID restrictions require it.P5 – P7 : 8.30am – 2.55pm (12.05pm on Friday)P3 and P4 : 8.45am – 3.10pm (12.20pm on Friday)P1 and P2 : 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
As we hopefully move out of COVID restrictions we are considering making a slight alteration to these hours and are interested to hear your views.  Pupils in P3 – P7 have a 25 hour teacher contact week whilst pupils in P1 and P2 have a 22.5hr teacher contact week.  This means there is a ‘gap’ each day and families may find this difficult. As I am sure you will appreciate it is impossible to suit everyone as work and other commitments vary.   It is important however that we consider the views of parents / carers and staff before making any final decisions.  The survey will remain open until Mon June 21st.
Proposal A :The ‘gap’ is at the beginning of each day.  Breakfast club is available from 8.00am for those who require childcare.      P3 – P7 : 8.30am – 2.55pm (12.05pm on Friday.)P1 and P2 will remain as 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
Proposal B :The ‘gap’ is split between the beginning and end of each day.   It would not be possible to provide breakfast or after school club for these periods of time.
P1 and P2 will remain as 9.00am – 3.00pm (12.00 noon on Friday)
Please note for session 2021 / 20222 there is no option for all the children to have the same school hours.

Please take a minute to complete the survey – the link is below
Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes, Jacqueline Scott

P1-P6 End of Term Info

Happy Graduation Word Stock Vectors by Megapixl

Dear P1 – P6 Parents and Carers

In true Trinity fashion the weather was kind to us for day one of our Sports days and today is looking the same.  Many thanks to the parents and carers who joined in with the walks.  I had a lovely time with P5C!

Preloved uniform sale

We have several items of preloved uniform looking for a new home.    Our plan is to lay these out on tables in the fenced area in the park.  Parents and carers are welcome to have a look from 8.50am – 10.30am on Friday June 11th and to simply make a donation for any items you can use.


For many years being a buddy to younger pupils has been a responsibility enjoyed by our P7s.   This year has seen our P7s and P1s unable to take part in usual buddy activities – staying in bubbles have made them impossible.  I have been so impressed with how accepting of the situation our P7s have been and how they have managed to think creatively about how to support their younger buddy.  Moving forward I have made the decision to extend our buddy system to include P7 with P2 and P6 with our new P1s.  Our current P1s will ‘meet’ their new buddy at the end of term.

What’s happening over the next two weeks?

Fri 11th June : preloved uniform sale – fenced area in back playground

Mon 14th June : children welcome to wear the colours of the team they are supporting in EURO 2020 (if they are supporting any!)

Tues 15th – Thurs 17th June : P7 / S1 virtual transition activities

                                                   : New P1s to collect bookbags and information packs

Mon 21st : Picnic in the playground for P1, P3, P5

Tues 22nd : Picnic in the playground for P2, P4 and P6

Whilst our playground is not quite Aberdour,  we have arranged for an ice cream van to visit as well as other activities.   The cost of an ice cream will be £1.40.  If you wish your child to have an ice cream please pay £1.40 on parentpay.  (Any child with an allergy to ice cream will receive an ice lolly)

The children will be outside for most of the day.  If you have ordered a school lunch for the Mon or Tues but would prefer to send in a picnic for your child please cancel your lunch order on Parentpay.

Wed 23rd :  Meet your teacher.  All the children will have the opportunity to meet their new class and their new teacher.  Due to COVID restrictions this will have to take place outdoors.

Thurs 24th : Our VirtualTrinity’s Got Talent Final

Fri 25th : Our virtual End of year celebration assembly

Classes will leave school as follows :

11.30 P7

11.40 P5 and P6

11.50 P3 and P4

12.00 P1 and P2

The summer holidays begin!

This really has been quite a year and there is no doubt that everyone is beginning to feel a bit tired (bit is possibly an understatement!).   As we manage the final two weeks please do stick with the rules.  Some schools have seen a considerable rise in cases and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that we can get to Friday 25th without classes having to move to learning from home.  We can do this!

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Trinity News: 4th June

Dear Parents and Carers

The sun is shining as I write this and I am really looking forward to going out into the Pentlands with our P7s for their P7 EPIC Day.  The City of Edinburgh Council Outdoor Learning team have arranged this opportunity for over 3000 P7 pupils – an amazing achievement.  Whilst it is not quite the same as a five day residential visit to Benmore, our P7s are enthusiastic and excited and I am sure we will all have a great day to remember.

Please see below for some updated information :

Sports Day(s) 

Our ‘What A Wonderful World’ sports days will take place on Wed 9th and Thurs 10th June.   Pupils are encouraged to come to school wearing their house colours on both days.   Unfortunately parents and carers are not allowed to attend but we will try to make sure that photos are put onto the Twitter accounts.   Every child will be provided with an apple for their snack but we do ask that they bring with them their own filled water bottle.

School uniform

This year, for obvious reasons, we have seen many children wearing items of clothing outwith our school colours.  As we, hopefully, begin to return to a bit more of normality it will be great to see our school colours return.  If purchasing clothing for school we ask that children do not wear any form of hoodie.    

Preloved uniform sale

We are hoping to set up a preloved uniform sale in the fenced area, in the park, at the back of the school on Friday 11th June.  We have a significant number of preloved school items and it would be great to see these being put to use.  More information regarding times will follow.   

Trinity chickens

Sadly, our last Trinity chicken died of natural causes last week.  We are planning to introduce a new ‘family’ of chickens early in the new school session.   Many thanks to those families who have helped to look after the chickens over they years we have had them.  Egginburgh Castle will be inhabited again!


A huge thanks to families who purchased recommended books from the shared websites.  These will be making  their way into classes in the not too distant future.  Our TPSA have also donated funds to allow us to replenish and update our school reading books.  Our aim is that all of our reading materials reflect the diversity of the society we live in.


As with other schools, we are still awaiting confirmation of staffing from August.  I really do hope to have all names by the end of next week and will share classes and teachers with our learners as soon as possible.  They will have the opportunity to meet their new class and teacher, outside and in line with COVID guidance, in the last week of term.  

COVID cases

You may be aware that some communities have seen an increase in the number of positive cases over the last few weeks.  This has resulted in classes having to isolate and, in the case of one school, to revert to learning from home for a period of time.  I am sure you will, like all of us at school, want to do all we can to avoid this happening at Trinity.  We continue to stick with the simple rules – distancing from adults, wearing face coverings and regular hand washing.  All of our end of term events are adhering to up to date guidance.   If your child is in P1 or P2 please remember we ask that only one adult enters the playground, that face coverings are worn unless exempt and if using the front gate you wait, at a distance outside, until older pupils have left.   Thank you 

Free lunches : P1 – P4

From August 2021 lunches will be available free of charge for all pupils in P1 – P4.  These do however have to be ordered through Parentpay.

EURO 2020!

I received an excellent letter from one of our P6 pupils putting forward a case for being allowed to watch, in school,  the Scotland V Croatia match on Monday June 14th.  As he very clearly stated it could be a long time before this happens again!   All pupils are welcome to come to school on Monday June 14th wearing the colours of whatever team they may support in the EURO 2020 competition.   The children will be able to watch the game, if they want.

Thank you for your continuing support.  It certainly has been quite a year.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

New p1 parents and learners

Thank You - Looking to 2019 — Dean Odell - Mind Reader & Magician

Dear Parents and Carers

It was lovely to ‘meet’ so many of you on Monday and Tuesday.  If you were unable to join us on TEAMS the powerpoint will be available on the school website under the ‘Starting School’ tab.   Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

As mentioned at the meeting please find attached the All About Me template.  If you are able to complete this with your child and return to the admin account we would be delighted to see and read about our new P1 learners.

Please look out for further information regarding popping into our school playground at some point in the week beginning June 14th to collect your child’s starting school pack.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Dear Parents and Carers

To those of our families celebrating Eid Ul Fitr tomorrow, from everyone at Trinity we wish you a very happy day.

Please remember to let us know if your child will be absent as we don’t want to disturb your celebrations with a phone call from school!

Happy Eid

Jacqueline Scott

Trinity News : May 10th 2021

Dear new P1 Parents and Carers

I hope you had a good weekend despite the rather chilly temperature!  

Please see below for Trinity News updates.  I hope you find these useful as a means of getting a ‘flavour’ of our school.  Visits to nurseries by Trinity staff begin next week and we hope we will be able to meet all our new P1 learners before the summer holidays.   Information booklets are also being produced and we will be in touch with all of you to arrange times for collection.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions :

Trinity’s Got Talent

Our house captains are delighted with the number of applications they have received.  Trinity certainly does have a lot of talent!   The next stage will be for all our acts to have the opportunity to audition, with their year group as the audience.    Auditions will take place in the week beginning May 17th – a week later than planned so an extra week to practice.   If your child needs music for their act please let us know the title and version so we can search on spotify or youtube.  Send an email to   Alternatively please send in a CD (what’s that some of our P7s asked me??) if you have one.

We have four houses – Royston (red), Craighall (yellow), Argyll (green) and Melville (blue).  At the end of their P6 year our learners are encouraged to put themselves forward for house captain by writing a speech and taking part in an election campaign.  Those elected are presented with sweatshirts in their house colours which they wear throughout their P7 year.    When your child joins Trinity they will be allocated a house and can earn house pennies for effort, showing our school values etc 

This term all classes are learning about What a Wonderful World and Equalities and Diversities(our Rainbow School).  We often share video links at assembly and some of the children tell me they watch again at home.  Please see two links below which you might enjoy watching as a family.  

Everyone is different

What a wonderful world : David Attenborough

Each year we have two whole school learning themes. The year always starts with a MADD about ….. theme. (Music, Art, Drama and Dance).   This year we were MADD about Heroes.  In the summer term we have all been learning through the song What A Wonderful World.  We have recently asked staff and pupils what they would like to be MADD about for Aug 2021.  Votes are still coming in!

Sports day

Unfortunately we will not be able to invite parents and carers to join us for Sports day.  We will however still make sure that it is a fun event for everyone in school.   To allow us to distance classes, sports will take place across two days – Wed 9th and Thurs 10th June.  On those days children are invited to come to school wearing their house colours.  The sports activities will be based on the lyrics from What A Wonderful World and will involve, amongst other things,  the soil and spoon race, dress the baby and painted hand prints!  More details will follow nearer the time. A fruit snack will be provided for all the children.

Our sports day is a non competitive, fun, usually cross stage, organised in houses event that takes place in Victoria Park with families able to come along and watch.  At second level (P5, P6 and P7) we also hold a competitive athletics festival with gold, silver and bronze medals presented at the end of term.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival – message from Karen Walsh P4 teacher

This year the emf is on the last weekend in May.  It can be done in the local area and I know some families are taking part in Victoria Park so I’ve put the fundraising page together.  Please support us if you can.  Thanks

At the moment we are still unsure what, if any, restrictions will still be in place when school returns in August.  Please be assured that we have both ‘with COVID restrictions’ and ‘without COVID restrictions’ plans – no prizes for guessing what one we are all hoping for.

Thank you again for the incredible support and understanding this year and let’s keep positive that we all stay negative! 

Best wishes

Jacqueline Scott

Lost Property

Stikins ® - School Uniform Labels -A Helping Hand For Lost Property

We currently have some property which needs to find it’s way home!

At the moment, due to health and safety, we are unable to keep lost property so it is important the following items find their way home.

If these items remain unclaimed they will be donated to charity or washed and put into our own ‘Pre-Loved Uniforms’.