The staff teams for 2020/2021 are :

P1Helen McLeister,    Tracey Sneddon,   Shireen Sherazee,   Pauline Lewis,  Amber Ashraf, Patryk Lodykowski,  Ewa Bryla (Mat Leave), Jessica Clyde-Mackie,  Caroline Kulcu,  Alice McKinstrie
P2Fiona Johnstone,    Penny Brown,   Emma Henderson,   Louise Notman,   Susan Grant,  Kathleen Murray
P3Hannah Watt,   Aisling Griffiths,    Shannon McCaughey,   Giselle Ettles,   Nicky Kane,   Jackie Simpson
P4Hazel McKinnon,    Karen Walsh,   Sam Bell,    Mags Doyle
P5Charlotte Marshall,   Vikki Kidd,    Claire Campbell,   Lindsey Espie
P6Anna Polson,   Graeme Blaikie,   Kirsty Trail,    Lee Bathgate
P7Rebecca MacKenzie,   Chris English,   Paul Bruce,   Kelly Tawake

Support for Learning: Kirsten Jackson, Laura Nisbet, Alison Keillor

PE Specialist: Mandy Griffin

Family Support Worker: Sandra Brown

Administrator: Rebecca Boath

Front Office: Katie Berry

FM: Harry Lawrie

Catering Head: Lynn Laurenson

Depute Heads: Kirsty Martin and Aimi Armstrong

Head Teacher: Jacqueline Scott

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