Building Resilience

November 2022

November 2020

This term we are focusing on the ‘Be Kind to Others’ unit.

April 2020

New Unit: ‘Looking on the Bright Side’

Building Resilience – Stenhouse Primary Edinburgh
New Unit has started!
We are currently working on…
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Following the success of Keep Connected, next week we start our new unit, Respect Yourself.  This main focus for this unit is on the importance of recognising and valuing ourselves as individuals.  The key messages are:

  •  There is no one quite like me
  •  Everyone has different strengths
  •  I treat myself with respect.

Respect Yourself Parent Carer (Leaflet)

Respect Yourself Launch Assembly (powerpoint)

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One of our parents has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to build digital tools to help parents (and professionals) teach mindfulness and meditation to preschoolers; help teach them focus, calm, resilience, kindness, positive mental health, emotional literacy, school readiness.
They have a pretty big target (but already raised £2,000) – and only have until December 13th to raise it! So time is of the essence!!


Building Resilience Info

Building Resilience

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