English as an Additional Language (EAL) at Trinity Primary School

Please click on the link below for a list of useful websites to help EAL learners during our ‘Learning From Home’ period.

Home learning ideas for EAL learners and families

Fiona Ross (EAL Teacher)

Maja Gorazdowska (Polish Bilingual Support Assistant)

Fiona and Maja work for the City of Edinburgh EAL Service. They work in partnership with Trinity Primary School and other agencies to help meet the needs of bilingual and minority ethnic learners in ways that are socially and educationally inclusive.

You can find out more about the City of Edinburgh EAL Service on their website:

eal edinburgh


In addition to facilitating access to the mainstream curriculum for children who are in the early stages of learning English, bilingual support allows the first language to continue to develop whilst English is being acquired. This means that teachers can start to build upon children’s existing knowledge and skills immediately. Maja and Fiona help the school to form vital links with parents. They also advise on effective resources. Some of their favourite websites to Support EAL Development are:


Mantra Lingua is a UK based publishing house that supplies bilingual resources around the world.

learn english kids

Learn English Kids is good for online stories and games including traditional tales. Also songs and other activities.


little learner EU

Little Learner is good for games, film clips for new parents, particularly Eastern European languages, including Polish.



Communication4all is great range of games and other resources.

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