Making a choice to buy a Fairtrade product over a non-Fairtrade product means that you are more likely to be helping a poor farmer in another country. If the product is Fairtrade, the farmer is more likely to get a fair price for their product. If the farmer gets a fair price then they are more likely to be able to send their children to school and to live a happy life. Fairtrade products could be bananas, chocolate, cotton, coffee, tea, sugar and lots more.

Fairtrade at Trinity 

There are currently three Fairtrade Statuses for schools in Scotland:

FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever.

At Trinity Primary School, we are proud to hold our FairAchiever status. This is due to all our excellent work in our school over the years to continue to promote awareness of Fairtrade.

We currently have a Fairtrade group who meet regularly to create ways they can help raise awareness of Fairtrade at Trinity. We have a Fairtrade tuck-shop every Friday in the foyer at 8.30am and have recently introduced some tasty new products.

This year we have been learning about Fairtrade during Trinity Together’s Global Citizenship lessons, specifically; The Journey of Fairtrade Cotton and The Journey of Fairtrade Cocoa. Our Fairtrade Group enjoy speaking at assemblies. Keep an eye out for Fair Trade news on the website and in school on our display board.

For more information about Fairtrade click on this link:


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