Fresh Start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

‘Read Write Inc. Fresh Start rescues older readers aged 9 and above who are below expected standards in reading and writing.’ Ruth Miskin (website)

Fresh Start is a full teaching programme that:

* Gets all children reading and writing fluently in 33 weeks

* Engages children with age-appropriate anthologies

* Ensures all children can read confidently before secondary school

* Embeds all learning through partner practice

* Assesses children every eight weeks to ensure that they have the best provision to make speedy progress. ‘

At Trinity Primary School, Fresh Start is taught to children in the Upper Primary by Miss Pattinson and Mrs Jackson.

Pupils are taught fast paced lessons in small groups, with an emphasis on partner work and positive praise. Each week we learn new sounds, as well as revising those previously learnt.

Children work through one module a week which reinforces a previously learnt sound and develops reading, spelling and writing skills.

Please find out more from the Ruth Miskin website:


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