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Top Tips For Supporting Your Child With Languages At Home


Below is a link to a useful document to help you with teaching your child or children languages at home.

Lockdown Lingo Guidance 1



Modern Languages and the 1+2 Approach


At Trinity Primary School, we embrace all cultures and languages within our school. We firmly believe that:

‘Today’s children are growing up in a multilingual world and the ability to communicate effectively in social, academic and commercial settings is crucial if they are to play their full part as global citizens.’ Education Scotland

‘The Scottish Government’s policy,Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach, is aimed at ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn a modern language from P1 onwards.’ Education Scotland

As well as English, the second language that we are currently teaching is French, which is taught from Primary 1 to Primary 7. This is an embedded language in every class in our school. The third language that we are introducing  is Spanish, which is being taught from Primary 5 to Primary 7. On occasion, pupils at Trinity also get a chance to learn some basic vocabulary from other languages.

There is more information bout the 1+2 Modern Languages Initiative on the Education Scotland website.

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