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We are proud to be an ECO school and have worked hard to gain all our Green Flags  by helping to keep Trinity and Edinburgh clean. We also encourage our children and staff to make healthy life choices and this includes taking part in Fruity Friday and wherever possible, walking to school.

A new initiative is up and running in Edinburgh which promotes the safe dropping off and collecting of children in and around school areas.  For those of you who drive to school or are dropped off at school by car please remember that as of this week and next, the Parking Attendants will be out and about, and cars stopping on the yellow zig-zag lines will be booked!

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Please click HERE to read the Fair Jar letter.



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Additional school closure

We have been informed that the school will be used as a polling station for the general election on Thurs June 8th 2017.  This means that the school will be closed to pupils on this date.

Our Open Evening planned for Thurs 8th June will now take place on Wed 7th June from 5.30pm – 7.00pm.  Further information will follow nearer the time.


Hot off the press

A huge congratulations to the Primary sevens and Primary sixes on a fantastic performance last night. The talent and confidence of all these young pupils was outstanding. We are so proud of all of them.

Primary six have drawn the raffle today. See below for raffle prize winners. If you have won a prize can you please collect it from the office before Friday. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone else who bought a ticket.

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Raffle prize winners

Fruity Friday


Fruity Friday has returned!  Our prefects are very enthusiastic and the re-launch has been entirely pupil led!

  • Fruit or veg snacks on a Friday morning
  • Teacher to be counted!
  • 5 mins extra playtime for the winning class
  • If your class wins three times in a term, they get to make a healthy smoothie
  • The class get a blow up banana or wear a banana suit for the week
  • Prefects will be round on Friday morning to collect the numbers for your class

Mary’s Meals


At Trinity we have been collecting change for the fabulous charity Mary’s Meals to help feed children in Malawi. We will continue to collect change until Friday 14th October and any donation is welcome.

We managed to raise over £500 which will go towards making a huge difference to so many hungry children and families.  Well done Trinity, you are all amazing.


Well done to our fantastic choir who performed at the Trinity Academy Vocal concert last week. All cluster school choirs took part. It was a fantastic event. What a talented group of singers we have atTrinity!

Collection for Calais

Update: October 2016


Please see below a message from Torin’s mum about our collection for unaccompanied minors currently living in the Jungle in Calais:

packing-the-parcels      calais-census
‘Trinity Community, your response was just AMAZING, huge thank you to everyone who donated. I would have liked to get some photograph’s of the HUGE quantity before any packing, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as we had very little time to get things posted to Danny and Jo before they left for their first trip.
At the beginning of last week, Torin and I packed close to 40 kilos of fantastic waterproofs, gloves, scarves and a fabulous collection of hats! 

Danny and Jo started their first journey by coach and ferry last Friday
afternoon. I have received news from them over the weekend, they are planning to share more about their experience when they return. This coming week Torin and I will be packing up once more, the same quantity. I plan to take any surplus to RE ACT, (Refugee Action) in time for their Jumble Sale next weekend.
Just want to add a huge thank you to a the fabulous staff team at TPS, for supporting Torin’s desire to be proactive and make a difference,
What a fantastic ‘life learning experience’ that is for all our children!

Very Best Wishes,
Annette ‘

Dazzle your tshirt day!

A big thank you to all of the parents and carers who came into school today to help dazzle our t-shirts. The children had an amazing time and their t-shirts are looking beautiful. Here are some pictures of the artists in action.

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The Scottish Cup and HIBs staff come to visit!

What an exciting week it’s been! On Thursday the Scottish cup was in school and children got a chance to get a class photo taken with it. A member of staff from HIBS and volunteers from the club shared the story with the school about how HIBS persevered and achieved success to win the Scottish Cup this year. Have a look at some of our photos.

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